A good Server OS?

possum888, Mar 4, 7:35am
Nothing special, just needs to store all my files. Any recommendations?

flewy, Mar 4, 7:43am
freenas, ubuntu server... .

ocm_aquisitions, Mar 4, 9:24am
So a file server? What are you accessing the stored data with?

baker-assoc, Mar 4, 9:28am
Windows Server :)

ocm_aquisitions, Mar 4, 9:40am
I use server 2003 at home for most server stuff. Depends what your skills / experience / interests / intentions are. The sky's the limit.

7of9, Mar 4, 11:39pm
From my Experience I have to Say either Debian or FreeBSD reasons being they both run on any sized machines ranging from a p2 300mhz up and they never fail if set up correctly oh yeah and they are both free.

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