Vodafone fixed line broadband

Is it any good? What are the speeds like?

geek_carparkaddict, Mar 4, 9:08 pm

It will depend on how far you are from exchange. My speed more than halved when I moved out of the town even though I kept the same phone number.

geek_gsimpson, Mar 4, 9:30 pm

Absolute crap, they take years to answer the phone if you have a problem or query.

We're on their bb 2 plan. The speed has improved. Pulling 5+ Mb/sec from Auckland right now - never seen it so fast 0_0. Your speed will depend on where you live, how close you are to an exchange, the speed at the other end, yada.

Test from Prague just in: 2. 26 Mb/sec down. That's what I used to get locally three years ago.

geek_rua69, Mar 4, 9:37 pm

So if I get good speed currently on telstra clear, I should theoretically get the same speed on vodafone? Just working out whether I wanna cross over to the dark side again for the sake of $18 a month.

geek_carparkaddict, Mar 4, 9:55 pm

Slingshot has better deals than Vodafone. Your $80 will get you a phone line and 15GB with Slingshot. For $90 you can have a line and5GB with Vodafone.

geek_rua69, Mar 4, 10:04 pm

been with vodafone for years, why, , i am stupid and i have the old 20gb plan for $50. had the 40gb plan but i was a idiot and upgraded my plan and got no increase of speed. i tried to get a plan for a mate but vodafone would not give my mate a broadband only price, they said they would not sell a plan without a phone deal included. . i say vodafone gets a2 out of 10.

geek_aktow, Mar 4, 10:37 pm

Slingshot 25GB Broadband + Phone = $95 a month.

Slingshot offers free off-peak traffic meaning you could potentially download more for free, However depending on your local area and the load of the equipment you are connecting to this could lead to greatly reduced speeds during off-peak times.

Slightly cheaper plan at 20GB available but upload is limited to 128kbps

Vodafone 20GB Broadband + Phone = $90 a month or $100 a month if you live in the middle of nowhere.

If you are inside of their "Red Zone" area it means that you will be connected to their brand new equipment and could potentially get better speeds than with the older Telecom equipment used by most other ISP's.

geek_lucky015, Mar 5, 4:09 am

Vodafone 20gb + Phone - $15 off mySky a month (potentially) vs $110 for same at Telstra plus $15 for mysky. And vodafone website said that is max upload and download (although max for them could be slow lol)

geek_carparkaddict, Mar 5, 7:57 am