Anyone got a XT phone with a vodafone sim card????

Can you send pxts if you do? my pics just sit there and dont send! ! grrrrrrr

geek_paddy1234, Mar 4, 10:25 pm

U need to change the mms number

geek_baker-assoc, Mar 4, 10:31 pm

any idea what the vodafone settings are? currently XT

geek_paddy1234, Mar 4, 10:39 pm

Hi There click on this link then follow the instructions. Hope this helps.

geek_code_one, Mar 5, 6:46 am

Yup you need to configure your mms settings to vodafone. Just use that link posted by the person above

geek_willz29, Mar 5, 7:20 am

my phone isnt there =( nokia e75

geek_paddy1234, Mar 5, 9:50 am

Hi i asked a friend who works at vodafone and she said use the nearest one to your phone which is the e72 and it will work

geek_code_one, Mar 5, 8:25 pm

sweet thanks, problem solved

geek_paddy1234, Mar 5, 11:52 pm

Your most welcome

geek_code_one, Mar 6, 8:31 am