new 500GB sata hard drives are failing

... in Windows XP install on a D945GTP, D945PLM motherboard. Intel motherboard identifier sees the motherboard as D945GTP.
Ubuntu Desktop Disk scan finds 2 files are missing. There is an DDR2 667 1GB memory module installed and running at 533MHz. THe PSU is ok, tested with a multimeter. Memtest is running and the there is no errors 40% through he first test. I checked the hard drive specifications asp? driveid=338 and all seems to be compatible. I flashed the bios back from the latest tto the original on the board. THis is a Cyclone Computers D945GTP, D945PLM with Intel bios of v3191. I had flashed the bios to 4119 but after problems and finding the Cyclone Computer additional information in he biosreading bios v3191 decided to flash back the bios. But the problems are the same. Has anyone encountered a problem like this with these motherboards. All was ok until I beefed up the bios memory to 667 from 533 after seeing 667 was available in the bios. (has 667MHz memory). Swapped out cables, same results.

geek_olack, Mar 5, 5:25 pm

I have no idea what you are actually asking but bout a year ago Seagate were having big issues with their 500GB HDD's ST3500630AS

geek_flewy, Mar 5, 6:19 pm

The problem may be because of a firmware problem on your western digital hard drives. Not because of faulty ram or motherboard bios.
Or Power supply issues.

geek_mr-word, Mar 5, 7:26 pm

Thanks for the firmware update tip. I will have a look for a firmware update.

geek_olack, Mar 5, 8:09 pm

There does not seem to befirmware upgrade at Western Digital ... http://support. asp? groupid=608&l
ang=en ...

geek_olack, Mar 5, 8:19 pm

hmm, another drink maybe

geek_swivel, Mar 5, 8:58 pm

Yeah, I think I should take up that hobby.

geek_olack, Mar 5, 9:10 pm

Thinking that here to. Maybe a pebkac issue.

geek_johnf_456, Mar 5, 9:11 pm