HELP! Printer is printing in the teeniest print

boonie63, Mar 5, 6:54am
ever, I have changed no settings and it was printing fine last week. I cannot for the life of me find anywhere where I can alter/enlarge the size of the print/font. Has anybody got any ideas.

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 6:59am
Printing from what program?

0800xford, Mar 5, 6:59am
probably your printing preferences...

boonie63, Mar 5, 8:59am
I have been to preferences but there is no option to cange the size of the pint. It is set on normal printing to A4 paper.
I have tried to print a recipe and now an email but it's ridiculously small.

hakatere1, Mar 5, 9:29pm
In my e-mails, I use Eudora, is a setting in Tools to set the font size for viewing and printing. I have them both set on Larger. When typing in word, it's so simple to set the font size and colour. It's on the toolbar in your face. When printing a pic that I have put text on, there is always provision to set the font size in all photo software. Tried doing a virus and malware scan?

gyrogearloose, Mar 5, 9:32pm
Try rebooting the PC, and taking the power cable out of the printer.

boonie63, Mar 5, 10:13pm
OK thanks 'hakatere1' I knew I had options somewhere where I could change the font. I will try this, however one would think my typing print woud be too small at the momentbut it isnt, it only goes really small when I try to print.

'gyrogearlooose' (lol good name) I will reboot without the printer plugged in and see what happens, hopefully I wont be back to sook no more.

gyrogearloose, Mar 5, 10:15pm
Please, reboot the printer as well. Take the power plug out.

boonie63, Mar 5, 10:59pm
Well I'm back, still sooking... ... .
Finally found my way to 'faxes and printers' 'properties' where I switched any changed settings back to default and then printed 'thee most perfect test page'. Finally I thought! Have just attempted to print out the email I need and the prints and graphics are still insy winsy.

cfs, Mar 7, 7:47am
Email (Outlook Express) printer settings are obtained from the settings in Internet Explorer. Change them in Internet Explorer to what you want and it should be ok.

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