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lukn4bargans, Mar 5, 9:18am
Can any one help there please? I have re-started my p. c, adblcoker FAQs don't seem to have the answers.


blenheim-trader, Mar 5, 9:34am
Do you mean adblock plus for firefox?

r.g.nixon, Mar 5, 9:42am
Switch to Adblock Plus.

lukn4bargans, Mar 5, 9:45am
Thanks r. g

lukn4bargans, Mar 5, 10:35pm
r. g. nixon - if you are still about can you tell me if adblock works on IE? Thanks.

rua69, Mar 5, 10:40pm
Don't use IE. Just don't. Choose Firefox or Google Chrome instead (I favour Chrome most of the time).

rua69, Mar 5, 10:41pm
Or Opera if you like to roll that way.

lukn4bargans, Mar 5, 10:54pm
IE is all I know, what's wrong with it bud? :)

0800xford, Mar 5, 10:56pm
didn't we *suggest firefox in another of your threads already?

* "a suggestion is not a recommendation"

lukn4bargans, Mar 5, 11:18pm
Ahh not that I re-call... What's your point?

brymak, Mar 5, 11:32pm
Simple Adblock works for me ok on IE 8.

lukn4bargans, Mar 5, 11:37pm
It works for me on the PC but its not working on the Laptop shammit, I wonder why? ?

Hopefully someone on to it enough will come and read this and advise me soon :)

r.g.nixon, Mar 6, 12:05am
Choose a better web browser:
Web Browser Grand Prix - http://is. gd/9MC9s

0800xford, Mar 6, 12:12am
ha ha nice

lukn4bargans, Mar 6, 2:33am
Thanks again nixon - that was a good read... or I should say skim... This was the best of it all imo.

"This brings our Web Browser Grand Prix to an end. Some of our findings weren't that shocking, such as Internet Explorer's failure to adhere to Web standards (Acid3). But there were also a ton of interesting notes along the way, like Opera's gluttony for RAM and Safari's strong performance versus much newer versions of the other browsers. I already knew that Firefox was beginning to feel slow, but I didn't know how bad it had become. Safari didn't live up to its boast of being "the world's fastest web browser. " Apple's product was beaten by Opera, and owned by Chrome. While Opera came close to living up to its claim of being "the fastest browser on Earth, " close just isn't good enough. Google Chrome is the real speed king. "

0800xford, Mar 6, 2:40am
saying things like that tend to repel rather than attract.

lukn4bargans, Mar 6, 2:41am
I thought I'd add the fact that this should only be relevant for those that choose speed as the primary factor in which to base their decision.

Not neccessarily the case for me personally, I am interested in ease of functionality, hence being a IE fan, and it's not because of who they are but rather what I know.

So at the risk of sounding challenging... can someone recommend a good ad blocker for IE please?

p. s... I've got Chrome, but it isn't my default, much to Google's disgust (LOL).

lukn4bargans, Mar 6, 2:43am
It will repel the likes of people that aren't really here to help but to rule.

intrade, Mar 6, 2:49am
i always used adblock-plus never a stupid addever since and i useicewiesel-firefox
Mozilla/5. 0 (X11; U; Linux i686; de-AT; rv:1. 9. 0. 18) Gecko/2010021720 Iceweasel/3. 0. 6 (Debian-3. 0. 6-3)

rua69, Mar 6, 2:50am
Consider a hosts file, such as this one:

Follow the instructions and you should be sweet. You'll have to modify it a little if you like watching TVNZ on demand (remove ad. doubleclick. au and ad., if my memory is correct.

lukn4bargans, Mar 6, 2:52am
Okay thanks you two :)Rua, I will go and check out your link now cheers! !

lukn4bargans, Mar 6, 3:06am
Oh dear, this doesn't look like it's going to be easy job shammit... might tackle it later, too hot in the day for me to dedicate my energy to it, especially after reading nixon's link post, but this is well needed indeed.

Loving the screen shots, but I am at the moment learning Windows 7 and MO 2010, was on the old stuff for years and now I am finally catching up with the programme.

cybertao, Mar 6, 3:22am
The more I read stuff from Tom's Hardware, the less I like them. Their tests and the conclusions they draw from them are BS.
Such as the RAM test. It doesn't matter how many megabytes a browser uses out of their test machine's 4GB. What matters is how it uses that memory. A low footprint application with memory leaks will end up using more resources than a bloated one that doesn't, and an application that is too frugal with memory will have performance issues that a memory hog doesn't.

Even the premise on the first page is misleading: IEs positioning in the market has nothing to do with performance, for or against. And Homeland Security and McAfee didn't advise people to switch so their pages would load faster.

zak410, Mar 6, 3:35am
herd of that?

lukn4bargans, Mar 6, 6:34am
Yep thats not working either unfortunately...

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