Acer V203H widescreen monitor help

wayleggo2, Mar 5, 8:47pm
how do I reduce the screen to normal size ?

malachiman, Mar 5, 8:57pm
you mean like to a 4:3 size? ? ? well you just buy a new (well most likely old) monitor.

Your question is vague

wayleggo2, Mar 5, 9:54pm
I have a (new) widescreen monitor - which is fine for most things, but makes looking a photos rather weird - i. e. enlongated.
is there a way to "re-set" it so that the photos appear as they normally would ?

gyrogearloose, Mar 5, 9:59pm
Make sure you have installed the correct drivers for the graphics card and monitor - the Display Settings will read something like "IBM 3270 on ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics", rather than "Unknown on Generic VGA". Then, the resolution slider can be changed to the 'native' resolution of the monitor - but if you haven't installed the correct drivers then the resolution slider may NOT have the native setting at all.

Once you select the correction resolution, the photo's won't be elongated.

spyware, Mar 5, 10:06pm
Resolution should be 1600x900.

wayleggo2, Mar 5, 10:06pm
Thanks gyrogearloose thats what I needed to know :)

wayleggo2, Mar 5, 10:11pm
Thanks Spyware - done :)

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