Anyone know where to get a tray for laptop

ann7, Mar 7, 9:24pm
It has a flat top and bean bag underneath so it sits snuggly on your lap and the ventilaion holes are kept clear.

deodar, Mar 7, 9:34pm
An oven tray, turn it on grill

ann7, Mar 7, 9:49pm
Are you sure there arent any little jobs you could be doing round the house?

datoofairy, Mar 7, 9:54pm
I got mine at Briscoes. It has a low sides all the way around with handles at each end, so its easy to pick the whole thing up to carry it around if need be and it holds the laptop securely. The beans pack down after a while but its easy to cut a hole in the fabric and top them up.

gyrogearloose, Mar 7, 9:57pm
You mean something like a "TV dinner tray"?

ann7, Mar 7, 10:04pm
I think the tray that datoofairy has suggested would do, but the one I have seen is especailly made for computers, The top is flat, no sides and it curves around the lap slightly.

0800xford, Mar 7, 10:22pm
you just reminded me i'm starving!

mrfxit, Mar 7, 10:31pm
Too late
Already had my 2nd lunch

mrfxit, Mar 7, 10:33pm
Upside down McDee's serving tray with a flat been bag glued to the(now) bottom

About sums it up

peeks, Mar 8, 8:10am
Would an old Council recycling bin do the trick?

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