computer down how to access outlook express

threeofus, Mar 8, 2:17am
my dads computer has died and he wants to access his outlook express account from my computer more urgent as my uncle is dying in australia not expected to last very long a couple of days and details have been sent to his account any help gratefully acceppted

0800xford, Mar 8, 2:26am
log in to your webmail, go to your ISP's website.

0800xford, Mar 8, 2:30am
and after you have done that you can tell us what is wrong with the other computer so we can possibly help you to fix it.

camerong1, Mar 8, 2:46am
This won't work if the messages have already been downloaded to the computer.

0800xford, Mar 8, 2:56am
that's correct, there's no way to 'log in' to your outlook express 'account', even if the computer was running.

suicidemonkey, Mar 8, 3:37am
Yes but if the computer is "dead" there's no way to access already downloaded e-mails anyway so webmail is the next best bet.

richms, Mar 8, 3:42am
which is not an outlook express account, its the ISPs email account.

malachiman, Mar 8, 4:01am
with exception to the said person in question making use of alternative technologies called IMAP

princelee, Mar 8, 4:30am
slave his hard drive on to your pc then do a search on his hard drive for . dbx files(make sure to choose search hidden files). Outlook express stores each email folder as a . dbx file, then copy these . dbx files into a folder and import into your outlook express.

You may want to create a new identity in your outlook express prior to importing so that the emails dont merge with yours.

drcspy, Mar 8, 4:48am
using the webmail will enable you to send/receive mail thtough is accont but any mail previously downloaded etc on his computer will NOT be accessible from webmail

simple enough eh.

fraseroz1, Mar 8, 4:56am
Unless of course his email client was told to leave messages on the server

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