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watson8, Mar 9, 11:01am
mate installed dx11 on his vista recently. need it downgraded, preferably directx 9

ropes2, Mar 9, 1:56pm
does he have a dx11 capable gfx card? why would you want to roll back 2 generations? I suppose you can uninstall it through the control panel.

watson8, Mar 9, 10:44pm
no u cant, dx11 isnt compatible with alot of the older games therefore need the downgrade, dx10 would be fine but personally prefer dx9

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 10:47pm
What gives you this idea? Best to tell us what your actual problem is, maybe someone will have an actual solution for you.

cybertao, Mar 9, 10:50pm
I doubt you could install DX9 as Vista starts at DX10 by default. It's likely the best you can do is uninstall DX11 and wind it back to DX10.

Or install linux. By some twist of irony, WINE supports older games better than Vista and 7.

cybertao, Mar 9, 10:52pm

Hey, who would have thought?

watson8, Mar 10, 3:41am
as mentioned before its actually my mate's computer so i dont have the actual error code on me, but game doesnt load up d2/warcraft 3, due to directx problems. theres no such program as directx under add/remove programs please do not assume im a random noob i fix computers regularly, im gonna try and remove all graphics card drivers/software and reinstall it in hopes of removing dx too. will let u guys know if it works.

ginga4lyfe, Mar 10, 3:43am
D2 and War3 work perfectly for me on Dx11, Id suggest that he has other problems

0800xford, Mar 10, 3:54am
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! awesome!

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 4:40am
This does not mean that rolling back to an earlier version of DirectX is going to help.

mr-word, Mar 10, 4:48am
I think you can only go back to Direct X10 on Vista and you would have to Roll Back before he installed it system restore.

quickjoker, Mar 10, 5:02am
hm system restore wouldnt work since i dont know the date. error msg Error 25: A critical error has ocurred while initializing direct3D for d2 and Warcraft III was unable to initialize directX. Please ensure you have directX 8. 1 or newer installed and that your display drivers are current. DirectX may be found on ur cd blah blah

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 5:04am
Again what makes you think rolling back DirectX is going to help?

quickjoker, Mar 10, 5:05am
well dx11 is kinda designed for windows 7 so just trying to eliminate the possible problems, i'm using a 8500gt graphics card

ropes2, Mar 10, 7:05am
you never should've downloaded dx11, 8500gt is NOT compatible, only to dx10. How you get rid of it, I cant tell you i'm afraid. I would have assumed is would be in control panel as that's where i do see my dx10 install/remove options in Vista Ultimate.

watson8, Mar 10, 7:17am
yep thats y i was called in. well dx11 was made compatible for the older cards too wasnt it? the whole dx can support u even if ur graphics card cant support it theory. will keep on researching before having to format.

ropes2, Mar 10, 7:23am
In a sense. . kind of. DX10 compatible cards with DX10 compatible OS will run DX9c with DX9 games.

DX11 with DX11 compatible cards with DX11 compatible OS should also run DX10 and 9 games with DX10 or 9 gfx

However, DX11 with a NON compatible card but with an DX11 OS...

Hit up MS... a format is pretty extreme

vtecintegra, Mar 10, 7:26am
Stop with this misinformation. DirectX is backward compatible.

Anyway the OPs problem is almost certainly driver related - make sure everything is up to date.

ropes2, Mar 10, 7:28am
In one of my pc's my 8800GT wont run DX11 either? (albeit win7RC) with Dirt2

watson8, Mar 10, 7:29am
OP here, driver is no were near the issue seeing as nividia r quite good at keeping their software up to date. as is vista apparently. nothing extreme about a format if u know how to backup and restore everything. i bet i can format ur comp overnight and u wouldnt know i've done it

ropes2, Mar 10, 7:40am
explained above.

stkys, Mar 10, 7:48am
Load the directx that comes with the game. Games I have can switch from one directx to another.

lostdude, Mar 10, 7:50am
Try Revo Uninstaller

ropes2, Mar 10, 7:54am
Actually Integra guy is right, if you have a DX10 OS (vista) and 7 series Nvidia (DX9) card - it will still work fine. Looks to be driver issues. I have found (though not looked into) issues with the DX11 driver myself on a DX11 game in DX11 OS expecting it to roll back to DX10, instead it's not responding.

He still shouldnt have downloaded DX11, there's no point with a 8500 DX10 card as it's unsupported for dx11.

guest, Apr 25, 10:56am
yes thats what i did as well, installed dx11 dev version it lets u sintall even ur gtaph card gose not fully support it. but as dx11 is only a small updgrade from dx10 u can play games. but newer games will have big performace issues as they are made with dx11 features and if ur cg dose not support it fully it wills low down preformace.

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