printer error message CANON MP750"wrong cartridge"

lisa_marie40, Mar 11, 7:04am
i have the above printer its been an awesome printer but it has the alarm flashing light and keeps saying "wrong cartridge" which are all fine in the right place, i have googled it and seen a few people had same error , does anyone know how i can fix this problem? really need my printer.

lostdude, Mar 11, 7:39am
You using genuine or compatible cartridges? If genuine, check the contacts are free from dirt & debris.

tedigurl, Mar 12, 8:19am
i had a printer do the same to me. so i turned the printer off, removed the catridges, left it off for about 30mins, then put the catridges back in and turned it on. . sorted the problem out. good luck

kevlight, Mar 12, 10:16pm
type your enquiry ie;CANON MP750 wrong cartridge error
and add the word forum
like this into google
CANON MP750 wrong cartridge error forum
or try here

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