Help..Canon Printer not printing

nathan_is_here, Mar 14, 10:59pm
We have a Canon Image Class MP390 and it will not print anything.
The cartridges have been replaced.

The printer is working as is should, it sounds like it is printing letters the page is still blank.

Any ideas. . Thank you

bethel1, Mar 14, 11:07pm
firstly will it print out a test page for you? (btw i am sure this isnt happening but I am just checking that you are not trying to print out white text, happened to a friend of mine once, she couldn't work out why the page was printing out blank when it was clearly readable on the screen:))

ferrit47, Mar 15, 12:07am
Helps to Turn it on ! ! !

nathan_is_here, Mar 15, 12:14am
No test page will print out either even though it sounds like it is printing.
Have tried printing with colored ink but no change

nathan_is_here, Mar 15, 12:20am
Ok. . Have figured out color is working but black is not . New cartridge installed properly

hakatere1, Mar 15, 1:36am
Have a look here nathan:

hereiam28, Mar 15, 7:46am
Thanks hakatere. Will do

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