About Acer - some of you guys were right!!!

Acer Aspire One come out with an inbuilt bios fault.

This is now the second time it comes up with no screen and the bios has had to be reflashed.

Apparently if it continues it needs a new motherboard! !

Thought some of you would like to know. but when it goes it goes real well. (8. 9 screen - is great for travelling)

geek_rawill, Mar 16, 9:25 pm

don't think anyone around here will be surprised...

geek_blenheim-trader, Mar 16, 9:26 pm

Not all them have the issue, but to be fair Acer know all about it and have the fixes organised. I think! !

geek_rawill, Mar 16, 9:32 pm

wow. acer == crap. Sounds like a Tui ad.

geek_gibler, Mar 16, 9:36 pm

blerk, acer ftl

geek_0800xford, Mar 16, 9:36 pm

wow. acer == crap. Sounds like a Tui ad.

geek_gibler, Mar 16, 9:36 pm

Yea right!

geek_rawill, Mar 16, 9:39 pm

Actually to be fair - the fix they have put out usually does fix them.
Apparently it is unusual for them to crash twice, but it is not unknown.

I believe they know which ones are likely to be at risk.

geek_rawill, Mar 16, 9:41 pm

now THAT would make a great billboard!

something something lightening something something twice...

geek_0800xford, Mar 16, 9:49 pm

rofl not suprised

geek_johnf_456, Mar 16, 9:50 pm

Next year
Maybe not
They WILL get it right

At some stage

geek_mrfxit, Mar 17, 7:36 am

Thank you for the wonderful and helpful responses. Gave me a good laugh.

As you can tell - inspite of it being annoying it is not life threatening.

I thought it would get a response and create a laugh.

But I guess I should have gone for an ASUS!
Oh well - next time.

geek_rawill, Mar 17, 8:04 am

Anyone want to be a an Aspire One!

Small, good for travelling, hardly ever used! !

geek_rawill, Mar 17, 8:05 am

ASUS! sometimes not much better then Acer recently

Better bet with a Compaq /Hp /Toshiba

geek_mrfxit, Mar 17, 8:06 am

$5 (free postage ? )

geek_drcspy, Mar 17, 8:06 am

$5 (free postage ?)

geek_drcspy, Mar 17, 8:06 am

$4. 55

geek_mrfxit, Mar 17, 8:07 am

Getting better - any more bids

geek_rawill, Mar 17, 8:08 am

$4 & I will add in something that the dog ejected the other day.

$3 & the above if I have to pay P&P

geek_mrfxit, Mar 17, 8:11 am

Ah well - I have the file for getting it to go again if it does it again. I am just hoping it doesn't crash when we are overseas. Which is the only reason I bought it.

If I find some spare cash I would consider buying another brand and trying to transfer all the data across.

But it would have to be a small one 8. 9 screen, I love the size for travelling.

geek_rawill, Mar 17, 8:14 am

Fair enough

Good luck

geek_mrfxit, Mar 17, 8:24 am

Aha - found something.

Acer's fix has 2 stages. The first stage restores the original bios, the second stage updates the bios to a new version.

The repeated failures are likely to be because people have only been restoring the bios not updating it.

I found this this morning when out of interest I decided to look and see what version my bios was. It was something like 3011, and the new version is 3309.

Hopefully no more crashes! !

Thanks for the conversation people, and for the hard time!

geek_rawill, Mar 17, 9:59 am

another billboard?

acer: annoying but not life threatening

geek_0800xford, Mar 17, 10:00 am