VGA Driver for Acer aspire 4520 windows XP

Hey guys, my laptop originally came with vista built in but it crashed so installed XP.

Im having finding a graphics driver for my Nvidia card, all the ones i download online (even from the acer website) it keeps not installing correctly and comes up with a copy error message saying "setup cannot copy the file nv4_mini. sy_" then gives me an option to retry, cancel or browse for the file, if i go cancel and try continue installing then the same error messages comes up with a different file...

If someone could please try link me to the right driver as i have tried about 3 drivers, all with the same error... ...

Im running Windows XP professional SP2

Thank you

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 9:47 pm

acer, say no more.

geek_johnf_456, Mar 16, 9:51 pm

yea yea yea haha i get shit from all my friends for purchasing an acer for the last 3 years!

but would you be able to help find the driver please ? :)

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 9:51 pm

no recovery partition?

geek_0800xford, Mar 16, 9:52 pm

And your graphics chips is? ? ? ? ? ?

geek_blenheim-trader, Mar 16, 9:55 pm

HI, its a Nvidia Geforce 7000M

No recovery disc or anything. .

please help :<

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 10:05 pm

point it to the correct file windows can be really dumb at times , , , ,

Install 7zip extract all files to a folder and point windows to the file when it gets lost i. e browse for file... .

geek_blenheim-trader, Mar 16, 10:06 pm

geek_blenheim-trader, Mar 16, 10:10 pm

I tried but after clicking retry, same message instantly pops up. .

I noticed all the files are there but they are only name like...

nv4_mini not nv4_mini. sy_

Could that be the reason why its not recognising the file?

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 10:11 pm

so no partition?
when you installed xp did you wipe the drive completely?
it may be hidden, actually i should stfu the drivers may not work anyway xp vs vista =X

geek_0800xford, Mar 16, 10:12 pm


My whole hardrive was completly corrupted so i wiped the hardrive fully before installing XP... .

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 10:13 pm

have you got your system to show all files hidden and system?

geek_blenheim-trader, Mar 16, 10:14 pm

. sy_ is a compressed file, would it not have to be uncompressed before it could be accessed so it can install, this is xp here not vista, you may need to find the nv4. mini. sys file, or expand the sy_ file you have

and that aint gonna be easy, if it has to be explained it would be easier just to find it in expanded form

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 10:19 pm

Hi yup, i got show hidden files and folders on. .

Not sure about what "skins" mean by uncompressed and compressed etc as my computer knowledge is limited... ...

Would i just be able to find a install file that has it all uncompressed ? ... .

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 10:23 pm

I'll see if I can hunt one down for you, it may actuall be part of a library file, (dll), will check it and get back to you

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 10:26 pm

Thanks so much, really appreciate it :)

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 10:29 pm

also , where you have show hidden and sys files you'll also find hide extensions for common files, unclick that, you will then be able to see the full extension of the files, xx. sy_ is compressed, xx. sys is not

where have you downloaded the driver files from:

this link takes you to a download of the expanded file

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:03 pm

drivercure? paypal? is that the right link?
ation/index. php

be gentle if i'm being an alarmist XD

geek_0800xford, Mar 16, 11:06 pm

this one same site is for nv4. dll,

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:08 pm

ouch shit, see what you mean, bugga they didn't say it was a pay to get their spyware site, will hunt one down that doesn't, , same for second link no doubt, ignore them both

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:10 pm

is the software actually nefarious or does it just look like it?
free registration? paretologic are to be trusted?

geek_0800xford, Mar 16, 11:14 pm

if this doesn't egt you there I'll delete the dam thing

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:22 pm

okay it opens here, on the extreme right is the download button, good ole driverguide, notice you have to search around to find the free access though

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:24 pm

anything that asks for my cc number usually gets the big thumbs down, , not sure re the actual prog, the site sends me somewhere else just by asking

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:26 pm

Hi, thank you will download it now and see how it goes!

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 11:30 pm

it says i need to login... . do i need to login? what exactly am i downloading ?

thanks and sorry for my silly questions

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 11:32 pm

not silly, frustrated with the process maybe but not silly, I have a login, could tell you to go back to the page click home and scroll to the bottom click FREE, and the you'd still have to find the file , but Iwill also get the file and pop it into a drop box for you, will post back the address when it is ready, could be 15 minutes

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:39 pm

THnx so much!

geek_superiornz, Mar 16, 11:41 pm

this should get you access to the file nv4. mini. sys, download it and install it as your graphics driver

geek_skin1235, Mar 16, 11:57 pm

here comes a silly question...

ive downloaded the file... now what do i do ?
do i try installing the original driver and when it asks for the file, direct it to the nv4 file i just downloaded?

geek_superiornz, Mar 17, 12:05 am

i just copied the file i downloaded into the original installation folder, so it didnt ask for the nv4_mini. sys file but now its asking for heaps of different files such as nv4_disp. dl_ etc...

any suggestions ?

geek_superiornz, Mar 17, 12:07 am

ah huh, will get it for you as well, wondered if that would be the problem,

geek_skin1235, Mar 17, 12:09 am

geek_skin1235, Mar 17, 12:13 am

this site may help if the above one doesn't

geek_skin1235, Mar 17, 12:26 am

laptops can be such fun, not, fine when they are new and working but cows to have to do a reinstall or install a completely different OS on, they need allsorts of drivers just to get the dam things to boot
But I guess you're finding that out the hard way

the above lik to acer page may help you with some of the other drivers you'll need to get the full potential from it, you have to select the models etc then click the yellow icon, save them somewhere, and later copy them for safety and any potential reinstall again later

geek_skin1235, Mar 17, 12:36 am

Hi skins, i got some really bad news... .

i can click cancel and it will say would you like to skip this file and move onto next file... . . and i say yes then it shows the next file which windows is trying to look for... . . i keep going cancel and there are about atleast 50 files its missing! ... i think all the files in the folder are compressed as they all got . _ at the end... . .

Would you recommend i look for a drive download that has all uncompress files in them ? as i think it would be rediciouls trying to download 50 different files...

geek_superiornz, Mar 17, 1:37 pm

have you tried these drivers. .

MS WHQL Certificate


geek_blenheim-trader, Mar 17, 2:00 pm

yep that last link I posted takes you to aspire uk page, you select notebook, aspire, 4520 and it then opens a whole list of the essential drivers you'll need, there are some duplicates there - modem drivers I note have at least two, there are two different modems used in them, depends on which you have as to which you download - but you cannot tell which you have until you have an os up, and you cannot get the os up without the drivers, so download both and put them in the instal directory, whichever model you have will find it's driver and not stall the install, just gotta love laptops, same deal with lan drivers etc, quite a few drivers there to download, - use another computer and copy them to a disk or stick, point the installer to that disk or stick each time it asks for the drivers? , still a bit of downloading to do yet, , make a good copy of them for future use

and the good news - if you change models of laptop, they all use different drivers so you have to do it all again for the next model, lol

geek_skin1235, Mar 17, 2:09 pm

THanks skins, from memory i already tried acers websites for drivers but ill give it another crack and see if the VGA driver installs

geek_superiornz, Mar 17, 8:11 pm

nope no luck :<

geek_superiornz, Mar 17, 8:28 pm

you need to run a ram test and more particularly a hard drive test and also I'd very much reccomend you run checkdisk /r

geek_drcspy, Mar 17, 9:38 pm

why not check directly for graphic driver:
just click your graphic card and xp at the end. You'll get the right download there. Many sites store only vista versions. Your error came up, because of wrong version.

geek_dr._answere, Dec 20, 11:31 am