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falconhell2002, Mar 16, 11:24pm
We brought a laptop a couple of years ago and did not get the disks with it. How do we go about doing a fresh install? Thanks for any help offered.

blenheim-trader, Mar 16, 11:27pm
Have you made the recovery Dvds ? ?

Or you should have a recovery partition. .

falconhell2002, Mar 16, 11:33pm
No have not done that, where do I find them?

blenheim-trader, Mar 16, 11:38pm
What is the make and model of your laptop ? ?

Did you buy your laptop new or second hand?

Have a look on the start menu look for something called recovery discs or system recovery.

Not System restore that's a totally different thing.

falconhell2002, Mar 16, 11:39pm
Its a compaq presario c700. Ok, just making lunch for the kids, will have a look soon. Thank you very much.

0800xford, Mar 16, 11:55pm
WHY are you reinstalling?

related to this? asp
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falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:13am
lmao no that's my mums computer. This is my laptop.

0800xford, Mar 17, 12:15am
phew! right, carry on...

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:21am
lol thanks. Have found the disk recovery maker thingy and it is doing its thing now. Please excuse the overuse of computer jargon. You can tell I'm a professional aye. Thanks for all your help both of you.

0800xford, Mar 17, 12:23am
i still want to know WHY you are doing this?

blenheim-trader, Mar 17, 12:27am
Its good you are making the Recovery dvds , but they are usually only used if your harddrive has malfunctioned or you have wiped the recovery partition. .

Its quicker to use the recovery partition than the discs.

http://h10025. www1. docname=c0080967

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:29am
A friend got a virus and they ended up having to do a fresh install on her computer, I was just wondering how I would get on if I needed to do the same.

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:30am
lmao I'm still her, and I can hear you!

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:30am
lmao I'm still her, and I can hear you!

0800xford, Mar 17, 12:31am
virus? reinstall? windows is annoying isn't it...

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:31am
and I read that... ...

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:32am
It probably wouldn't be if I understood it a bit better.

0800xford, Mar 17, 12:34am
-wanting- the discs before you -need- them is a good thing

blenheim-trader, Mar 17, 12:36am
Make sure you label the discs and keep them in a safe place .

You will need them if you ever have to replace the hard-drive.

Its good you have made the discs "Before" you need them...

Snap :)

You type fasterthan me 0800

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:37am
At least I'm doing something right then.

0800xford, Mar 17, 12:41am
type s-l-o-w-e-r dammit i can't read that fast ha ha ha

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 12:54am
Argh it keeps telling me that the disk I am using are not blank, but I just opened a new packet!

0800xford, Mar 17, 12:58am
"it"? what software are you using?
the disc may need 'formatting' first, to prepare it for writing.

blenheim-trader, Mar 17, 1:08am
Are you using DVD+r or -R

falconhell2002, Mar 17, 1:33am
Ok they are RW so that explains that problem thank you. I have to get ready for work now. Thanks for all your help!

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