Installing an imported font into MS Word

Just downloaded a new font. How do I get it in to my MS Word. TIA

geek_oshoman, Mar 17, 1:00 am

Install the font into your OS and it will appear in word.

I googled for you

http://office. aspx

Making the assumption you had windows

geek_malachiman, Mar 17, 1:12 am

*cough* "ms word" [yeah i know]
and seriously, you need iron maiden's font!

geek_0800xford, Mar 17, 1:18 am

Many thanks.

geek_oshoman, Mar 17, 1:25 am

Except for, following the instructions what appears bears no relation to what the instructions say will appear. It always seems to me that MS go out of there way to make simple tasks involve as many stupid processes as possible. Bet on a Mac you just drag and drop.

geek_oshoman, Mar 17, 1:52 am

where did you get the font from? post a link if you can.
which version of windows do you have and which version of ms office/word?

geek_0800xford, Mar 17, 1:59 am

copy and paste the font into your font folder and you are away

geek_ferita, Mar 17, 2:14 am

Font from www.getfreefonts. info/free_font. australiansunrise.html
MS Word 2002 , running Vista

geek_oshoman, Mar 17, 2:52 am

the "conditions of use" are pretty funny

geek_0800xford, Mar 17, 2:55 am

Nope OSX is very complex, you double click the font file, the font book open and you click install.

geek_malachiman, Mar 17, 3:16 am

i just installed it without issue...

geek_0800xford, Mar 17, 3:48 am

Easy win XP install, Other wins will be similar. Open C:\Windows\Fonts . Drop font in. It installs :)easy

geek_thunderstorm, Mar 17, 4:20 am