can I access windows xp pro files using ubuntu

olack, Mar 17, 9:24am
9. 04 cd when windows is not activated? Guy lent his computer to mr naughty and I think and mr naughty may have used mr lenders coa on the side of the case. Anyway, after 6 years of owning the computer mr lender is confused and worried that micrososoft will not let him activate his copy of xp pro unless he provides a fax copy with his contact details and a photo of the coa... bump back to initial question.

0800xford, Mar 17, 9:26am
nutshell: yes

freaky, i just made a crack in that other thread about you and linux :o

cybertao, Mar 17, 9:26am

And get a blog!

0800xford, Mar 17, 9:27am
+1 i'd RSS that mutha fo sho

cybertao, Mar 17, 9:34am
I bet it would go viral and make olack like a god, right up there with the Hoff and Chuck Norris.

0800xford, Mar 17, 9:36am
what else would olack do?


olack, Mar 17, 9:49am
I already got a blog... .

flewy, Mar 17, 9:50am
www.? . ?

olack, Mar 17, 9:52am
where is the crack... oh why did I ask that question...

flewy, Mar 17, 10:05am
i still have no idea , um answer = yes .

olack, Mar 17, 10:38am
where is this crack?

little_egypt, Mar 17, 7:50pm
Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Boot from Ubuntu CD, go to places and open Windows drive. Show Mr Lender that all his files are quite safe (You can open Office files with OOo, view PDF's with evince, look at photos etc. )

Plug in a USB drive and back up at least "Documents and Settings", if not the entire windows drive.

Verify that backup is good, then unplug USB drive.

INSTALL UBUNTU. Use the whole drive, Mr Lender has no use for a 'broken' windows partition.

Also install Ubuntu restricted-extras and any 'non-free' drivers to make the hardware work nicely.

Restore Mr Lender's files from the USB drive.

0800xford, Mar 17, 10:24pm
#63 asp
x? id=214033&p=2

little_egypt, Mar 17, 10:28pm
Come to think of it, you might as well carefully scrape the COA sticker off the case and give it to Mr Naughty too. Mr Lender won't be needing it any more.

0800xford, Mar 17, 10:30pm

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