canon mp750 printer error "wrong cartridge"

lisa_marie40, Mar 17, 8:24pm
its driving me nuts i can use my printer even for scanning it just flashes this error, i have done the obvious and taken cartridges out still error, putting in one at a time, and still get the error. can anyone help? thanks

oshoman, Mar 17, 8:36pm
Is it a refilled cartridge? I had this issue with an HP printer. Took advice from here, reinstalled the printer and disconnected any link to HP. It then worked fine.

lisa_marie40, Mar 17, 8:40pm
no not refilled its a different compatable cartridge i have never had a problem with it before.

aktow, Mar 18, 12:29pm
you have just answered your question. . you are saying you are using compatible ink cartridges, , which means you are not using the authorized product. some of the new printerif non approved ink cartridges are used the printer will not work.

lisa_marie40, Mar 19, 10:42am
actually i have had this printer for over 6 yrs and i use the same ink cartridges every time and have had these ink cartridges in there about a mth and printed with no problems so its just all of a sudden got the error.

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