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gsdz4me, Mar 18, 4:34am
My HP Deskjet 845c after 6 years service has died and I am looking for a replacement. Nothing flashy, just something to do basics. I have a scanner so looking for printer only. I do not do heaps of printing. I have just seen in our local shop an HP deskjet D1560 and as I am not tech minded and neither probably is our local electrical store so I want to know if this model will do the same as my old one as well? Also the D1560 does not come with a USB cable so would the one of my 8745c do the job? Any advice or even recommendations would be appreciated.

huggy5, Mar 18, 4:39am
USB cable will work. Check the price of consumables. The cheaper printers tend to rip you off with printer cartridges.

gsdz4me, Mar 18, 4:50am
I have got the details for the type of cartridges the D1560 takes and I will find out cost of them tomorrow. I was aware that can be the case. Unfortunately I am not sure when I will be going to a larger centre to be able to look at printers and I was surprised opur local electrical shop had printers but have been in and had a look and that and a brother were all they had. I did not take a look at the brohter one because I had such a good run out of my HP one that I thought I would stick with HP but am open to others on recommendations.

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