Best & most economical fax, printer etc

janeysue1, Mar 19, 3:12am
Hi, I work for a non profit organisation and we are looking for a combined fax, printer, copier & scanner. Can anyone tell me which is the best buy and most economical when it comes to ink cartridges?

0800xford, Mar 19, 3:58am
i need one too, had to send a fax the other day, what a pain.

deus701, Mar 19, 4:04am
From my own experience. . Canon uses up hell alot of catridges. I prob go for a HP all in one.

chito, Mar 19, 4:24am
janeysue. You should go for something like this. Listing 278219519 .
It is a flat bed scanner for fax, can print, and copy, and is laser for cheaper per page. Note, it is only B/W, butwill do the job. Don't buy an ink/bubblejet.

janeysue1, Mar 19, 4:30am
Thanks everyone. Chito, unfortunately they want colour.

chito, Mar 19, 5:24am
Then they will have to pay dearly. Too many expectations on a budget. Why do they need colour?

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