can't access yahoo or hotmail!

chrisbarton, Mar 19, 10:37pm
anyone else have this prob? This happened for a while yesterday too. Can (obviously as I am here) access all other sites but get the ínternet explorer can not display webpage"thing. I am dumb as a goat at computers. Any ideas?

0800xford, Mar 19, 10:42pm

who is your ISP?

chrisbarton, Mar 19, 10:50pm

0800xford, Mar 19, 10:58pm
can you access them with another browser?

gazzanova69, Mar 19, 10:59pm
have you emptied the cache and cookies

maybe install and run ccleaner >>

tried a different browser ... firefox, opera or chrome

chrisbarton, Mar 19, 11:04pm
sorry but how to I go through another browser? ? ? (remember the goat)

gazzanova69, Mar 19, 11:08pm
you have to go to the website to download it and then install it

chrisbarton, Mar 19, 11:41pm
thanks for help guys. After 4 hours it has suddenly randomly started working again. phew.

0800xford, Mar 19, 11:50pm
goats in the machine, i mean, ghosts.

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