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brummoi, Mar 20, 12:50am
Hi, just checked services. Msc and found the 'NLS service' (Nalpeiron Licensing Service) set to Automatic and Started.

It appears to relate to some kind of digital rights management but I can't find if it's good or bad via Google.

Can anyone advise please? I've now disabled it.

0800xford, Mar 20, 12:59am
"The modern licensing solution of choice for over 1000 software developers of all sizes, including Reuters, Symantec, Asyst and Texas Instruments"

brummoi, Mar 20, 1:04am
thanks I saw that too but have memories of Sony doing something corporately evil with rootkits a while back and wondered if this was also unwelcome.

0800xford, Mar 20, 1:08am
i'd set it to "manual" and stop it, then if you have any problems, you can just start it.
"disabled" when you are unsure what it's going to do may not be the best option.

brummoi, Mar 20, 1:26am
rightio. Thx

0800xford, Mar 20, 1:51am
rebooted yet? any dramas?

brummoi, Mar 20, 5:15am
yep, been out for the last few hours. Rebooted and all seems well.

0800xford, Mar 20, 5:19am
give it a month ha ha

brummoi, Mar 20, 5:25am
dead right - there's bound to be some pointless but intrusive software my son has installed that will blow up without this.

0800xford, Mar 20, 5:28am
like symantec... which is displayed proudly on

brummoi, Mar 20, 5:48am
Ha! not on this PC!

guest, Dec 12, 11:11pm
Hi, I saw Nalpeiron as one of my processes (with the associated AST process) and suspecected a 'spy' or so not knowing which software uses it and for what...
I disabled the two processes to see which software would stop working.
I use NITRO for my pdfs - and next morning the pdfs wouldn't open.
Then I set the two processes back to 'automatic' and 'enabled' and - voila- Nitro worked again.
I have used 'JV16 Powertools' for that procedure. I know the tool for many years and can only recommend it (no ad intended!).
Have a good evening

guest, Mar 23, 1:14pm
Can I disable it???

guest, Jun 19, 7:24pm
Very same here only thing different pc wouldn't boot up as normal took ages to finally let me usa the mouse uninstalled nitro and all is back to normal as it was before....

guest, Aug 18, 2:44pm
It is actually a service that is running to manage database communication for a copy-protection system. If you disable it, whatever software you have installed that uses it will not run. You should leave it as Automatic. It is not mal-ware or spyware.

guest, Jan 19, 3:42am
Mouse? Is your mouse a logitech mouse? Also uses that process.

guest10, Jun 11, 6:13pm
Yes because certain gestures or movements of the mouse are copyrighted so that movement gets recorded at Napoleon right .... screw it .... its getting uninstalled and any program that goes with it

guest, Jun 16, 2:36am
Nalpeiron Lcensing Service = NLSSRV32.exe
Found it installed by Nitro Pdf Professional
It will not work without it...

sue, Jul 14, 8:59pm
Glad to have found this info - while trying to figure out why my system was suddenly running so erratic and slow, I found an ATI process was the issue...but also found Nalpeiron Licensing on my services list. I run Nitro PDF Pro for use in my business, so it was good to know that this was not malware, but part of the Nitro program. Can't afford to *not* have it work when I log into work tomorrow just because I decided to delete it...

narked_guest, Oct 13, 11:51pm
installed by Nitro PDF... which was a piece of crippleware sh*t uninstalled within minutes, and left this on my system, So it's running for NO REASON. Why do programmers treat the uninstall process so much like an ugly girlfriend after sex?

guest, Nov 17, 7:22am
Read this thread right to the end. I'd love to disable Nalperion totally, but would like more feedback from people such as yourselves who know far more than I do about such things.

vettedude64, Dec 3, 10:33pm
i was unable to do WIndows 8 upgrades.I uninstalled NITROPDF Pro and all is will.

guest/daniel/@lo, Dec 4, 6:39pm
Please note I recently found out that upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Pro Pack as well as certain KB/updates will not install if the local service for Nalpeiron is running. I was able to also validate this with Microsoft. I stopped the services and set it to manual start as windows install requires multiple reboots.

once I did this I was able to upgrade and also install the windows updates.

vcp_admin, Apr 24, 4:03pm
Yes, this crapware/bloatware that comes pre-installed on Lenovo systems will hinder your ability to do windows updates if you try to do more than 5 or so at a time. I found it is also responsible for making the add/remove programs hang once you uninstall something (usually have to force a reboot if you want to remove another program cuz u keep getting the "PLEASE WAIT WHILE THE PREVIOUS SOFTWARE UNINSTALLS bla bla bla") Get rid of Nitro PDF and disable that service and your machine will run like it was meant to.

tmbstne284, May 17, 3:15am
why do people use a program that you have to pay for to read a pdf file when adobe reader is FREE to use and download plus it does the job smh.

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