Website registering and hosting

I am looking to register a domain name and have a small site hosted. I am looking at DiscountDomains. Has anyone dealt with them or reccommend another companies

geek_travis47, Mar 20, 6:49 pm

get the whole lot done in one place, NZ based servers, excellent service and good price

geek_malachiman, Mar 20, 6:51 pm

Have a look at domains4less.

geek_radiowaves, Mar 20, 6:51 pm

Actually I have heard of several people who have had problems with them. Go to geekzones website at, go to the forums, andtype in the hosts name in the search, and you will see the problems people have had.
The cheapest is also never the best solution when chosing web hosting, as that will just mean that they will be cutting costs on support and server quality.

geek_mattnzw, Mar 20, 11:51 pm

IMO hosting and registration are generic, finding a good domain is the most important decision... . .

geek_mopeds, Mar 20, 11:56 pm

Not true. Hosting can differ hugely in terms of reliabilty. Choosing a bad host, could potentially mean days of downtime. The top hosts have quick servers, low levels of downtime, and good upstream providers with less latency and less hops to the server. Domain registration is more generic, but with the cheap providers, the support isn't usually very good. eg. You may have to pay to call an 0900 to talk to someone for support.

geek_mattnzw, Mar 21, 12:02 am

I can't recommend them enough.

I have had several sites through them for years and no problems. Even the stupidest questions (and I've asked some stupid ones) get answer quickly and in a friendly manner.

Never had an issue with server speed or downtime and the price is excellent.

geek_doggitt, Mar 21, 12:31 am

I would debate that, I have had nothing but great experience from them, and they are probably responsible (in part) for bringing the prices down in NZ. I have never felt like I was getting a cheap service from them at all, and I have several (set up and also my own ones) that are run with them.

geek_malachiman, Mar 21, 8:46 am

How? ? a good domain name is not going to help you if you website is down or you have a heavy site and its slow. Google searches content anyway, you can have a very well optimised site regardless of the domain.

geek_malachiman, Mar 21, 8:48 am

register domain with godaddy or namecheap and host with hostgator from $4. 95 pm

geek_newbie5, Mar 21, 10:31 am