printer playing up

stellaw1, Mar 20, 4:18pm
My printer is only sending out blanks. But I still can scan anything, I know it is running out of ink but I donot want to spend $100 on new ink cartidges if the print is on the way out.

Any ideas?

drcspy, Mar 20, 6:20pm
even if it's not on it's 'way out' you'd be INSANE to spend $100 on new cartridges. Absolutely crazy. You can buy a NEW printer WITH cartridges for about $65

drcspy, Mar 20, 6:21pm
and 'compatible' cartridges are FAR cheaper than the 'real' carts... . .

lythande1, Mar 20, 7:38pm
The print? What the hell is the print?
Go here and buy some ink:

malachiman, Mar 20, 7:42pm
That's because its a scanner not a printer;)

stellaw1, Mar 20, 7:43pm
thank you drospy, yes I know I am crazy to pay so much for ink cartridges, I didn't know all that much about printers a while back so I may be be better to buy a cheaper one.

stellaw1, Mar 20, 7:48pm
Lythande1-That was a typing error, meant printer, most likely will have to buy a new printer certainly one that has cheaper cartridges.

r.g.nixon, Mar 20, 7:55pm
We buy our ink refills from 'nzdist' of Feilding. aspx? member=2370732

stellaw1, Mar 20, 8:23pm
thank you r. g. nixon, I will try that.

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