Printer (HP) not working with windows7?

katesdelight, Mar 20, 11:42pm
Have downloaded all drivers and defaulted printer plus have had HP website do a system check, but the printer still wont print? any help will be greatly appreciated.

gibler, Mar 21, 12:37am
and the model is... ?

lythande1, Mar 21, 12:40am
Does it have an actual WIn 7 driver? 64bit or 32bit? Cause it matters... . Also check the obvious. Turned on, not offline, ink full etc.
New printer or old? Worked before or hadn't tried it?

katesdelight, Mar 21, 12:45am
HP series 5180.

katesdelight, Mar 21, 12:48am
32bit and all the obvious checked but it does seem like an obvious that I'm missing. printer about a year old, when I hit the print icon another window comes up aking for a file. Cheers.

johnlyn, Mar 21, 1:08am
Go to file then print... then choose the printer that way?

fraseroz1, Mar 21, 1:21am
Seems that default printer is not set. Go into printers and faxes and right click the printer and set as default.

katesdelight, Mar 21, 1:27am
I have gone to file then print but still wont print. Cheers.

katesdelight, Mar 21, 1:28am
Have defaulted the printer as well. It's a conundrum! Cheers.

ntalke, Mar 21, 2:22am
Did you have the printer plugged in when you upgraded to Win 7? (assuming you have upgraded) , as Had the same problem with a Epson.
Unplug printer , un install software that Win 7 installs, load software that comes with printer

katesdelight, Mar 21, 2:30am
Yes I've done that, uninstalled then let Win 7 install. Thanks.

ntalke, Mar 21, 2:48am
What I meant was don't let Win 7 install it's software for your printer, you do it with your printer software

katesdelight, Mar 21, 2:51am
Will give that a try now.

katesdelight, Mar 21, 3:13am
No it still isn't working. The 2 CD's with the printer are not compatible with win 7. One is for XP and under the other is for vista. Thanks.

johnlyn, Mar 21, 3:18am
Checked all cables? USB?

ntalke, Mar 21, 3:29am
Did you get the correct Drivers for Win 7? http://is. gd/aQXOB

katesdelight, Mar 21, 4:48am
All cables checked plus I read the instructions for the printer and it said to make sure the printer is not connected when installing so I uninstalled again went onto HP website downloaded the win 7 drivers and wouldn't you know it my broadband is playing up! But it did look more hopeful doing it that way. Will try again later. Thank you.

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