Mac OS X 10.3.9 upgrade to 10.4

nicarobe, Mar 21, 3:52am
I have the above operating system and would like to upgrade to 10. 4 - is there anyone out there who has it and is keen to list it? Or can recommend where I can buy it?

morrisman1, Mar 21, 3:58am
Chances are you will have to purchase it second hand as its quite a few years old and the chances of being able to buy it new are quite slim.

Does your computer not meet the minimum specs for getting 10. 5?

nicarobe, Mar 21, 4:16am
My computer's got a PowerPC processor and I think 10. 5 requires intel? When I bought this Mac I had no idea that it needed to be updated regularly so wasn't looking out for 10. 4 when it was released. I am now keen to get it as trying to download the latest versions of camino/adobe flash etc is impossible as they no longer support 10. 3. 9. Frustrating! My ugly old pc at work that looks a million years old doesn't seem to experience the same problem? ? ?

dunedin_ree, Mar 21, 4:21am
No, 10. 5 does not require intel. It's the last OS that works on both PPC and Intel.

10. 3 is well behind by now. It was "current" in 2003-2005. Is your ugly old PC running Windows XP? If so, it's still supported by Microsoft and other software manufacturers. 10. 3 isn't.

pdbeattie, Mar 21, 4:22am
10. 5 did not require intel

Processor must be any Intel, PowerPC G5 or G4 (867 MHz and faster)

DVD drive (for installation of the operating system)

At least 512 MB of RAM (additional RAM (1 GB) is recommended for development purposes)

At least 9 GB of disk space available.

nicarobe, Mar 21, 4:35am
Don't know what pc is running. I just do what I have to do on it and then try not to look at it! So you rekon I can upgrade my pretty mac to 10. 5 - that'd be great. What are the disks I'd be looking for? There is a 10. 5 box set currently listed on TM - is that the sort of thing?

dr.benway, Mar 21, 4:39am
and that's why windows users can't have nice things...

dunedin_ree, Mar 21, 4:40am
It would be wise to find out the specs of your Mac first.

nicarobe, Mar 21, 4:44am
Specs are: 1. 8 GHz PPC G5 processor. 256 MB DDR SDRAM memory. That makes no sense to me but trust it will to you clever lot out there.

dunedin_ree, Mar 21, 4:48am
Compare A with B.

gibler, Mar 21, 4:49am
. . you want more RAM. . OS X chews through it.

nicarobe, Mar 21, 4:57am
So I gather RAM is available to buy? I'll look into the cost of that. May be more economical to just get another computer... So, with any mac, am I going to have to regularly update it's operating system? I'm feeling a little cheated...

dunedin_ree, Mar 21, 5:00am
No, you're not going to have to regularly update it because it will ever ever be upgradable past 10. 5. It's old and past it's day now. It's generally a good idea to update the operating system fairly regularly although there is no need to immediately jump to the next one. I'm assuming you bought it with 10. 3 installed which means that it's about 7 years old. That's a pretty good run.

nicarobe, Mar 21, 5:07am
Yep, had it since 2005. I just thought it'd last for a hundred years like the dirty old thing I use at work!

dunedin_ree, Mar 21, 5:09am
You've owned it during a period when Apple switched from using PPC to Intel chips so you'll just have to get used to the fact that it's close to obselete. That's just bad luck, but it happens.

nicarobe, Mar 21, 5:14am
Thanks for your advice, I've found it really helpful. So I guess I'll look at the option of getting more RAM and an update to 10. 5 for this "vintage" old gal, or a flash new silver mac for my desk top, or even a lap top - oh the choice!

mark.p, Mar 21, 5:19am
If you ever get sick of the cat you could try the dog-

gibler, Mar 21, 5:35am
PowerPPC linux is dead. .

morrisman1, Mar 21, 10:21am
Yes your ram is upgradable but sd ram is long out of date and finding a good capacity will not be as easy as with modern ram. Some of those older macs I believe were fussy with ram. It may not be worth throwing money at but if you do want to upgrade it then you will need 2x 512mb sticks of compatable SD ram and a DVD reader drive if you don't already have one.

mark.p, Mar 21, 4:41pm

ceedoubleyou, Mar 21, 9:01pm
I have a eMac 40gb - 1. 25GHz - 512 MD ram, running 10. 5. 8 OS. I had to update cause browsers wouldn't run on old 10. 3. 9 OS. Word processing stuff run a lil' slow, so extra ram will probably help, but I'll be looking at a new Mac soon, probably a Mac Mini with 320 Gb HD, cause then all I'll need is the cpu, seeing how I already have a spare screen lying around doing nothing.

zuli420, May 9, 8:51am
I have the same specs and issue as geek_nicarobe and i was wondering if getting linux is a good idea for a 10.3.9 with 256ram

guest, Oct 12, 12:36am
I need to upgrade from 10.3 to 10.4. Problem is my computer does not support dvd. Can only find 10.4 in dvd format. Any suggestions? We still have old macs that still work at our school site.

thanj yiu,


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