Guys...Should i have partitioned a 500GB HD before

jrad4, Mar 22, 8:40am
i installed windows 7? Should i do a fresh install if "yes"

swivel, Mar 22, 8:42am
Well if you want. Handy for installing games / Pics etc (on the other partition) and keep windows partition clean. fresh install yes

jrad4, Mar 22, 8:44am
Whats the right size partition to install windows into?

jizy1, Mar 22, 8:47am
Set it to 40 GB, You'll still have heaps of space left over, In that partion and for the rest of the files and things you decide ta pile your computer of.

jrad4, Mar 22, 8:48am
Awesome, cheers for that :-)

ross1970, Mar 22, 9:12am
Fresh install? try shrinking the partition first. Use "shrink querymax" in Diskpart from the command prompt to see how much it'll shrink by. And yeah definitely the right idea partitioning.

suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 9:17am
You don't HAVE to make partitions. It's purely for personal preference and to make storage a bit easier. Not worth reinstalling if you forgot to do it.

hammerman1, Mar 22, 9:53am
Easeus Partition Manager will do it on the fly without having to reinstall. Make as many partition as you want. Keep win7 intact.

seriouslycgi, Mar 22, 9:35pm
and if you dont want to wait forever for it to defrag

0800xford, Mar 22, 9:40pm
i told him he should be using linux
http://geekblog. php/2006/08/17/why_do

vtecintegra, Mar 22, 9:49pm
It won't take long unless the disk is very close to full even with big disks with just a single partition.

seriouslycgi, Mar 22, 10:04pm
what would the time difference be with say a 40 gb partition and a 500gb partition if it were 50% full?

vtecintegra, Mar 22, 10:10pm
Depends on how fragmented the disk is. If you let it get out of control then yeah it will take a while. If you leave Windows on its defaults (which is to run every week) then its moot.

Besides you'd presumably still need to defragment the larger partition other programs are installed to anyway, especially true for games that tend to use a few large files.

seriouslycgi, Mar 22, 10:13pm

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