sharing a printer on windows xp network

digitaltvnz, Mar 22, 9:31am
i`ve installed a Hp laserjet 1600 on my windows desktop and set it up to share on the network all the computers on the network can print a test page and it works no problem but its when it comes to print it out again on the network it doesnt even want to print but it still works on the main pc that its on , i`ve check drivers , user permissions , any conflits etc i`m totally lost why it is doing this , i have another printer on the same pc and it works fine any one who has come across this problem ?

0800xford, Mar 22, 10:41pm
out of it, someone else had this almost exact same problem in here recently.

-kiel-, Mar 22, 10:56pm
Hi, is the HP Laserjet 1600 set as the default printer on the networked computers? (it isn't a must as you could specify which printer to print from when printing) just an idea =)

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