Wireless ADSL and cordless phone/ phone line noise

chovik, Mar 23, 9:02am
I have a Linksys Wireless G ADSL Home Gateway. It is 2. 4 GHz 802. 11g. I also have a couple of Panasonic cordless phones (models KX-A144AZS). With the Linksys on their is a lot of phone noise on the telephone line. I have shifted everything relative to one another but no change. Any solutions or do I need to buy something different. . ie either a certain brand of cordless phone or different wireless? ? Thank you

spyware, Mar 23, 9:22am
And the obvious question is are the phones filtered via an inline filter or a master filter/splitter at demarcation point?

chovik, Mar 23, 9:26am
Maybe obvious to you but not to me. They have individual filters on each phone... I only have one plugged in at this stage.

gadgetmaninch, Mar 23, 9:31am
The modem frequency is too close to the phones this is becoming a problem more and more . . the fix ix a 5. 8ghz phone... . cause I bet if you plug a standard phone in noise will go... . I have come across this alot of times

shrapz, Mar 23, 9:40am
Check if the noise happens when the router is on connecting to DSL or when the router is on broadcasting wireless

chovik, Mar 23, 9:57am
Good idea shrapz I will have to do this tomorrow when I can ring people who are still awake hahaha
Will report back. . will also play around with the filters to see if one is knackered. . maybe? ? ?

shrapz, Mar 23, 10:29am
first do what i said, then you know if its a line problem or a wireless problem :)

richms, Mar 23, 10:54am
filters will not eliminate the signal, and the digital converter of lots of phones cant handle the very strong signals just above the audible range and will make a shocking noise.

In saying that mum has a similar panasonic (145 I think) on a proper adsl install and it works fine. Well as fine as those piece of crap phones do with their non timestamped call log, lousy range and lousy design.

plug in filters are crap in general, and if your line is long the router will be transmitting with full power.

That phone is dect 1. 8Ghz so ignore any possibility of the wireless interfering, its the adsl side and an old phone or old wiring that has 3 wire sockets and other crap causing it to intermodulate with other noise sources.

A proper install will sort it, and you can sell the junk plugin filters on here to someone else who will try them and get frustrated. IMO telecom never should have allowed for self installs.

shrapz, Mar 23, 6:19pm
I agree with this, the proper install (splitter at incoming point) is the best option, i myself didn't bother with filters and went straight with the splitter, never regretted it

chovik, Mar 23, 8:09pm
Thanks for the advice. What I did first was to just swap the filter that I had the phone plugged into as this was the last thing that I had altered (Only did this first because it was easiest for me to do) and it seems to have resolved the issue... so maybe it was a faulty filter? ? ? Will keep note during the day and see if it continues to remain improved.

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