Nikon D5000 help please

tcsons, Mar 23, 9:54pm
I just got his new camera. Haven't had time to read the manual yet but will do when I get a chance. Question: If I shoot photos through the monitor, it is so slow to focus. If I use the viewfinder it is much quicker to focus but I prefer the monitor when I take photos. Can this be made to focus quicker?

vtecintegra, Mar 23, 10:30pm
Maybe. On the Canons with live view you can choose between contrast detect autofocus (which is slow, but keeps the image on screen) or 'quick autofocus' which is faster but shuts off the screen while focusing. So both methods have their drawbacks. Ir you could use manual focus of course :)

BTW I think you need to experiment with your camera more - the optical viewfinder is usually more useful than the screen once you're used to it, the screen really only comes into its own when the camera is on a tripod.

tcsons, Mar 23, 10:41pm
yeah I would like to use the viewfinder but I take photos for work and end up with make-up on it :)
May just have to get use to it now. Thanks

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