Conversion of PDF File To Word Document

konini2, Mar 24, 8:20am
Yes Google has been my friend, but swamped for choice/info. Have identified/saved a 13 page PDF file relating to a piece of legislation (Unit Titles Act-Body Corporate Rules). With a bit of word tweaking, it can be modified to meet our requirements. I could print out/totally retype, but would be easier to have a simple conversion programme. This is a one off process, so would appreciate any recommendations for a simple conversion programme that you may have used. I have MS Word 7. Thanks for any suggestions

princelee, Mar 24, 8:28am
this site works great, really simple to use also. You upload the pdf and they email you the word document or vice versa. asp

little_egypt, Mar 24, 8:36am
Just use the PDF import plugin?

malachiman, Mar 24, 10:58pm
or buy a mac and just copy and paste.

little_egypt, Mar 24, 11:00pm
You should be able to copy and paste on 'doze too, come to think of it. But don't use Adobe Acrobloat, try sumatraPDF or foxit instead which generally ignore annoying antifeatures like the 'do not copy' flag.

malachiman, Mar 24, 11:02pm
But does it just select text or actually keep the column structure etc like SL does? Try copy and paste a PDF that has at least 2 columns of flowing text.

jamjars05, Mar 24, 11:06pm
a bit of tweaking? ?
altering a piece of legislation to suit your needs. LMAO

is this as dodgey as it sounds? i love it! ! !

0800xford, Mar 24, 11:22pm
"antifeature" cool, i like that term.

like fauxware, baitware, expireware, extortionware

konini2, Mar 24, 11:26pm
#7 With all due respect, no there is nothing "dodgy" about it. In actual fact it is the Second Schedule of the Unit Titles Act which outlines the rules surrounding the management etc of a Body Corporate. The "tweaking" relates to those areas that can be added/deleted The PDF document is one from another Body Corporate and in the public domain as an example. When we have "tweaked" our document, it will be submitted to our legal advisor before registration. I am pleased that you had a good laugh and thanks for constructive comments from others which is appreciated

little_egypt, Mar 25, 1:26am
Antifeature is a Stallman term, but you're also welcome to adopt the name "Adobe Acrobloat" which I just thought up while writing the previous message.

0800xford, Mar 25, 1:32am
"ADOBE AEROBAT won't open! ! ! ! ! "

another great quote

gdf001, Mar 25, 6:52am
"AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter" is what I use, very impressed with how it maintains formats. Available free online.

daashyte, Mar 26, 2:26pm
download virtual pdf printer (free trail is 14 days) and then install it, it acts as a virtual printer for any word processing applications etc, when you want to save the document to pdf you simply select the print option from the menu and if you have already installed it, it should either show the printer, as available or you will have to select it (it is usually called virtual pdf printer) and then select print, it will ask you to save it (give it a name etc), then click ok or print it will publish the document to a pdf and save it the location you selected ready for you to email... when the trial expires I just remove the software and reinstall it... . it's great hope that helps

drcspy, Mar 26, 3:02pm
now WHY would they want a 'virtual pdf printer' when they already HAVE a pdf file. They want to convert the pdf to a doc or similar. what you've suggested does the opposite.

sighkick, Mar 26, 8:17pm
SnagIT - select the area with SnagIT and save as a document. Or, use a scanner with OCR software installed (you will have to print the PDF first of course).

Then there is the option mentioned above PDF Online - although I wouldn't use them for anything private.

little_egypt, Mar 26, 9:15pm
Not to mention there are better non-trialware options such as any number of open-source pdf printers or Microsoft's own PDF-export plugin for office.

daashyte, Mar 27, 3:03am
Yes but it also converts . pdf files to other file types also when you go to print the file you give it another extension name besides . pdf. This is what I use and was just giving an option

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