Broken AC Adapter Connector

Does anyone know how much it would cost to fix? I don't do D. I. Y, because that would end in having to buying a new laptop. Help please :)

geek_jafaprincess, Mar 25, 9:32 am

OH for -that- model...

geek_0800xford, Mar 25, 9:39 am

Oops, sorry. Its an Acer Aspire 4220 Series notebook.

geek_jafaprincess, Mar 25, 9:42 am

i don't want to sound flippant or anything [actually i'll say what i like] but, trademe sell these...

i just looked and they are about $30

geek_0800xford, Mar 25, 9:47 am

Flippant works. While you're at it, you wouldn't happen to know how much it'd cost for repairs on the power jack do you?

geek_jafaprincess, Mar 25, 9:59 am

you mean the wall socket in your house?
sounds like someone was running and tripped over the plugged in laptop, right?

geek_0800xford, Mar 25, 10:02 am

I wish. I mean the d/c power jack in the laptop. And it was more someone went to jab the a/c adapter plug into the socket and broke the pin.

geek_jafaprincess, Mar 25, 10:13 am