whats vygood free computer DVD all regions player?


geek_0800xford, Mar 27, 8:53 pm

They mean they want to replace their dvd drive with one that wont lock the region after a while.

Why not read the replies you got in your other two threads? ?

geek_datoofairy, Mar 27, 8:58 pm

Yes, I know the replies, thanks, but some are too complicated for me to figure out what to do. So I thought if I use another player program it would do the trick. I foundhttp://www.cliprex.com/ but would like to know how good it is, or any other one. Thanks.

geek_sch3, Mar 27, 9:05 pm


geek_gibler, Mar 27, 10:01 pm

slightly OT but whats a good programe like super dvd ripper for vista or 7?

geek_showmethemanoey, Mar 27, 10:16 pm

A player for all regions;free? Thats hardware & doesn't exist-you use
software to convert to the region you're living in, not player software.
showmethemanoey has lost the plot too, the O/S is irrelevant. Fvcking
ignorant shi*s both of you.

geek_deodar, Mar 27, 10:42 pm

IIRC VLC Player will bypass any region restrictions without any additional apps - www.videolan.org

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 27, 10:52 pm

not operating sytem dimwit off topic

geek_showmethemanoey, Mar 27, 11:03 pm