Windows Server 2008 - Advice please.

audi_s_ate, Mar 28, 7:10am
I am thinking about creating a server for the school I work in using the above OS. I am a relatively experienced computer user, building computers from scratch and fixing problems is usually no hard task. However I have relatively little experience with networking especially with network O. S. Have done a fair amount of googling and it seems relatively straght forward. Main purpose of network is file and printer sharing, so not too advanced. My question is a) Is it as straight forward as it seems? b) Do you have any recommended sites/books to read up on before I tackle this. FYI school has around 80-90 computers and they will all be running win7.

sighkick, Mar 28, 7:29am
The hard part of networking in a school is if you require a login for each student and if you want to include some form or 'accounting' for each student (access to the printers etc).

I recommend also employing an ISA Server so that you can block sites when you find students wasting time going to sites that are not part of the school curriculum.

My experience was involved with moving the NPGHS. from the dark ages into what they have now as Network Administrator, Computer Repairer, Audio Visual technician and anything else that required an electronic background.

We used Win2K3 Server and ISA server. I also installed Printer Charging because students were want to waste massive quantities of paper and, more importantly, expensive inkjet ink.

Do mail me using my nick at that G Male place if you want to chew the cud. My involvement with NPGHS ceased in 2002.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 28, 8:08am
Get someone who knows what they are doing to implement it then you can manage it. Might want to look at going virtual, have a file and print server for the students, then an admin server for the teachers with exchange etc. You would be one of very few schools who has the budget for hardware that all their fleet can run Windows 7.

audi_s_ate, Mar 28, 8:11am
Not a high budget! We lease all our computers so none are older than 3 years. All are core 2 duos with 2gb rams - no worries with Win 7. Virtual is the idea. Shared my documents for each class and different printers for students/teachers. Might just try and set it up in my class with 5 computers and 5 laptops initially and see how she goes.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 28, 8:17am
So im taking it you would want it for authentication too? Have you played with AD before? What about backups? IMO a server is not really something you want to be implementing to a real life environment with out quite a bit of experience. So your idea of doing a small set up first is good. I would still be in talks with someone who does servers for a living.

evoeater, Mar 28, 9:27am
Domains are relatively straight forward to handle and quite easy to install a server to be a domain controller, especially Server 2008. Configuring AD and Group Policy can take a bit of getting used to

You could go virtual but I don't think it's all that necessary. For 90odd computers 1 server serving as the domain/file/print server should be fine

I think ISA would be overkill for a school, there are simpler alternatives that are also free. Endian and OpenDNS for example

sighkick, Mar 28, 9:50am
I am writing at the moment... was watching some mindless Invasion thing on TV2.

mattie47, Mar 28, 10:05am
Interesting thread... I have a network infrastructure test on tues and Active Directory test on wed =)

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