Adding Adsl router to new desktop

medgirl, Mar 28, 10:29pm
Hi guys I'm replacing the old desktop with another, what I need to know is what are the steps connecting my wireless router to the new desktop. The routers secured with wep key, Do I install the software for the router 1st then plug in the router then put in wep key.
I usually get a tech to do this but I got to learn sometime so thanks if you can enlighten me.
Its a D-link wireless ADSL2 router

gyrogearloose, Mar 28, 10:34pm
If you'r replacing one desktop with another desktop using an ethernet cable, just plug it in. That's all you need to do.

Your wireless router is already setup, you don't need to install anything.

medgirl, Mar 28, 10:38pm
Thanks but do I need to put the wep key in the new desktop as I had to add my wep key into the familys laptop when family arrived wanting to get online.

gyrogearloose, Mar 28, 10:43pm
If your desktop is connected with an ethernet cable, then no, you won't need to put in a wep key because it won't physically have a wireless network adapter like the laptop has.

medgirl, Mar 28, 10:51pm
Sweet as ... ... ... thanks for the info

sighkick, Mar 28, 11:00pm
Assuming that you intend to connect the new desktop to the ADSL Modem/Router via a cable or whether you intend to connect wirelessly.

It is entirely possible that a brand new desktop 'may' have a wireless connection. Alternatively, if running a network cable between that new computer and the D-Link is not an option, you will need to fit a wireless card to the desktop if it doesn't already have one (more than likely not).

medgirl, Mar 28, 11:13pm
Thanks sighkick ... . I'm only replacing old with another secondhanddesktop with more mem and gigs, so prolly wouldn't have updated internal features. Rather spend good money on a new replacement laptop then a new desktop as I only need a desktop for visitors and a spare if my lappy dies on me... . cheers again

medgirl, Mar 28, 11:21pm
Will be using the desktop via plugin cable but will keep your suggestion in mind... . thanks again

drcspy, Mar 29, 4:00am
and DONT use 'WEP' its NOT secure... ... . .

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