anyone with recovery disc's for an acer aspire

my freind dropped her acer aspire 3684wxmi and it broke the sata hard drive and she didn't make the recovery disc's when she got the laptop.
now i can't load an os as it doesnt reconise the new hard drive and the is no option to turn off sata support in bios on this model , have tried to make a disc using winlite but no go it's on ment to be on vista home basic but i only have xp .
would send disks to anyone that can make me a copy , won't even load mepis

geek_datracer, Mar 29, 9:54 pm

I would use n-lite and 'build' in the sata drivers and sp's, ...

geek_kevin16, Mar 29, 10:10 pm

have use n-lite found something to try

geek_datracer, Mar 30, 6:38 am