Have a Dynalink modem/router and a ADSL splitter and in-line-filter. I need to get more splitter/in-line filter to put on the other phone connections. My question are all the splitter/in-line-filters in TM the same despite the different brand names ie can I use a D-link or telecom one or do I have to use a Dynalink one? THANKS

geek_thewomble1, Mar 30, 3:57 am

a filter is a filter, they all do the same job.

if it were me though, I'd get the place hard wired, and pay for wiring and maintenance, as well then any issues with the line in future, won't be your problem to fix. - I did precisely that here, it's paid for itself quite a few times over now.

geek_pcmaster, Mar 30, 5:50 am

Just curious pcmaster, what price is involved in doing that and what are the advantages? :-)

geek_jrad4, Mar 30, 5:55 am

cost is $199 - although I got it for $50 in the end, cos it was back when they had either a free install (modem and filters) or $99 off wiring, and they found an existing fault while they were there - which I had no idea even existed - wiring and maintenance is useful sometimes.

main advantage is no mucking around with filters - you wont need them for anything. disadvantage is you cant move it once its in place, but there are other ways around that

geek_pcmaster, Mar 30, 6:06 am

jrad4, about $150, . . against a couple of $10 filters, . . don't let TM usernames lead you astray though, . .

geek_kevin16, Mar 30, 6:27 am