Printer Problem Can anyone help me please.

pickle9, Mar 29, 8:03pm
I have a Canon Pixma mp110 when printing images straight from internet it prints fine but if I print images I have on my computer they print all pale and washed out. I have tried uninstalling and reinstaliing printer.

lostdude, Mar 29, 8:32pm
How exactly are you printing the images from your computer? . . If just right clicking on the pic & clicking print, then check your printers default print settings.

Assuming XP:
Start > Printers & Faxes.
Right click your printer & click properties.

pickle9, Mar 31, 9:53pm
Hi sorry no its windows7. Ive concludedthat it maybe a problem with the micrsoft office picture manager as that is what the computer uses to view then print as I tried it via another programme pics came out fine. How do I adjust settings?

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