adsl problems

Rite i seem to have a new problem that i never had before.
I am finishing offsome building work disconnecting the adsl modem router for longer periodes from its phone jack.
After repluging it wont sinchronise with the local adsl exchange. No blinking of the adsl light , i noticedthisbeforethat it would not do this and only started to flash andsinchronisewhen i got a incomming phone call.
Nowthis morning and last night was no go at all So i rangmy isp support Theyrestartedthe thingremotely and it works again.
The supportguyrecons it myghtbe my modem isgetting oldad or poped capacitor loosing itssynchronising capability
What Do YOU think ?

geek_intrade, Mar 30, 9:46 am

try another modem then you'll know for sure.

geek_lostdude, Mar 30, 9:56 am

i onlyownone and it worksnow, wouldhave to organise a mates one ... ... . . myghtbe timeto look for a potential upgrade from my us-roboticsThinking linksys gigabit lan adsl2 type

geek_intrade, Mar 30, 9:59 am

Get a D-linkHA HA HAHad to say it.

geek_swivel, Mar 30, 10:41 am

+1 rofl

wanna borrow a d-link intrade ?

geek_drcspy, Mar 30, 10:49 am


geek_radiowaves, Mar 30, 11:06 am

Yip - sounds like a pooped capacitor to me.

geek_hdmovies, Mar 30, 2:42 pm

dont be stupid you smurfs even roll-royce do brake down after sometime. the modem is probably about 7 year old nowand the last 5 year itwas almost on every dayand night... . with 0 problems. .

geek_intrade, Mar 30, 5:08 pm

i'm just about fed up with my router too, it's had a good innings but time for retirement...

geek_0800xford, Mar 30, 5:18 pm

at 7 years old I'd be suprised if it's even capable of more than 2mb/s... ... throw it away and buy a nice shiny new d-link

geek_drcspy, Mar 30, 5:31 pm

I once got told by telecom my router was fried and i needed to buy a new wireless router from telecom. Turns out some idiot at telecom had changed my password by mistake so it wouldnt connect.

geek_jcmp21, Mar 30, 9:14 pm