AV's - your opinions on which is best

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:20am
AV's - your opinions on which is best Out of...ad-aware, norton, advanced windowscare, spybot & avg. Comments much appreciated.

chapadao, Mar 8, 7:21am
.... adaware and spybot arent really AVs. personally I don't use one, but NOD32 is best in my opinion (v2 that is, 3 sucked)

flewy, Mar 8, 7:22am
"adaware and spybot arent really AVs" They are not at all.

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:23am
Isnt nod32 another name for norton? .

flewy, Mar 8, 7:23am
Actually none of poster 1's examples are antivirus progs all are antispy/ad ware progs.

flewy, Mar 8, 7:23am
Opps ok two are lol

chapadao, Mar 8, 7:24am
Depends on how you define a "virus" . no nod32 is NOT norton, norton sucks

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:25am
Lol, im not too clued up on whats what... im just trying to get rid of things that i dont need that may be slowing down my computer. any suggestions out of the above list of what should go?

flewy, Mar 8, 7:26am
A Virus A virus (from the Latin virus meaning toxin or poison) is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. Each viral particle, or virion, consists of genetic material, DNA or RNA, within a protective protein coat called a capsid. The capsid shape varies from simple helical and icosahedral (polyhedral or near-spherical) forms, to more complex structures with tails or an envelope. Viruses infect cellular life forms and are grouped into animal, plant and bacterial types, according to the type of host infected.

chapadao, Mar 8, 7:26am
Is there any reason why is HAS to be those?

chapadao, Mar 8, 7:26am
Cookie for j00 flewy .

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:28am
No reason, i just have heard you guys saying b4 that you shouldnt have more than 1 0r 2 of these types of things on your computer.

darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:28am
My Opinion..... For Anti-Virus: NOD32
For Spyware : Spyware doctor (can get with Google Pack)
For Malware : A-squared

OR Eset Smart Security, which I use, (Includes NOD32 Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, 2 -way firewall, Anti-Spam module.) My personal preference.

swivel, Mar 8, 7:29am
Just go to www.filehippo.com and get the Popular one.

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:30am
Oh i forgot to mention that they need to be free.

flewy, Mar 8, 7:31am
OK ANTIVIRUS program best to have just one eg any of : AVG, AVAST, NOD32, NORTONS etc ANTISPY/AD ware good to have atleast two eg any of : AD-AWARE 2007, SpyBot S&D, SuperAntiSpyware etc... good web page for all this is

darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:35am
Anything is better than Norton's If you want free get Avast or AVG (for Antivirus) also, for anti-spyware , Spybot search and destroy and/or Spyware Doctor (with google pack) and/or a-squared. These are all free.

tammy30, Mar 8, 7:40am
Thanks guys i think i will just un-install norton and leave the rest.

swivel, Mar 8, 7:41am
Tammy30 go to filehippo.com before you un-install nortons, and download a free one, I use AVG, Spybot, Ccleaner. you can get them all from filehippo

flewy, Mar 8, 7:42am
U may need this then to get rid of Nortons http://tinyurl.com/6oq8f

darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:46am
Watch how your computer speed improves..... after you uninstalled Norton. Good Luck.

jadzia, Mar 8, 7:29pm
Norton kills your PC My partner only last week removed Norton from her work PC, and installed NOD32 upon my advice - I use it at home. After giving her a program to delete extra Norton stuff, then a step-by-step instructions on deleting Norton Registry keys, she installed NOD32...and said the boot up speed was so much faster. Norton spreads itself into so many directories all over the place - just like a virus...

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