AV's - your opinions on which is best

AV's - your opinions on which is best Out of...ad-aware, norton, advanced windowscare, spybot & avg. Comments much appreciated.

geek_tammy30, Mar 8, 7:20 am

.... adaware and spybot arent really AVs. personally I don't use one, but NOD32 is best in my opinion (v2 that is, 3 sucked)

geek_chapadao, Mar 8, 7:21 am

"adaware and spybot arent really AVs" They are not at all.

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 7:22 am

Isnt nod32 another name for norton? .

geek_tammy30, Mar 8, 7:23 am

Actually none of poster 1's examples are antivirus progs all are antispy/ad ware progs.

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 7:23 am

Opps ok two are lol

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 7:23 am

Depends on how you define a "virus" . no nod32 is NOT norton, norton sucks

geek_chapadao, Mar 8, 7:24 am

Lol, im not too clued up on whats what... im just trying to get rid of things that i dont need that may be slowing down my computer. any suggestions out of the above list of what should go?

geek_tammy30, Mar 8, 7:25 am

A Virus A virus (from the Latin virus meaning toxin or poison) is a sub-microscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell. Each viral particle, or virion, consists of genetic material, DNA or RNA, within a protective protein coat called a capsid. The capsid shape varies from simple helical and icosahedral (polyhedral or near-spherical) forms, to more complex structures with tails or an envelope. Viruses infect cellular life forms and are grouped into animal, plant and bacterial types, according to the type of host infected.

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 7:26 am

Is there any reason why is HAS to be those?

geek_chapadao, Mar 8, 7:26 am

Cookie for j00 flewy .

geek_chapadao, Mar 8, 7:26 am

No reason, i just have heard you guys saying b4 that you shouldnt have more than 1 0r 2 of these types of things on your computer.

geek_tammy30, Mar 8, 7:28 am

My Opinion..... For Anti-Virus: NOD32
For Spyware : Spyware doctor (can get with Google Pack)
For Malware : A-squared

OR Eset Smart Security, which I use, (Includes NOD32 Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, 2 -way firewall, Anti-Spam module.) My personal preference.

geek_darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:28 am

Just go to www.filehippo.com and get the Popular one.

geek_swivel, Mar 8, 7:29 am

Oh i forgot to mention that they need to be free.

geek_tammy30, Mar 8, 7:30 am

OK ANTIVIRUS program best to have just one eg any of : AVG, AVAST, NOD32, NORTONS etc ANTISPY/AD ware good to have atleast two eg any of : AD-AWARE 2007, SpyBot S&D, SuperAntiSpyware etc... good web page for all this is

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 7:31 am

Anything is better than Norton's If you want free get Avast or AVG (for Antivirus) also, for anti-spyware , Spybot search and destroy and/or Spyware Doctor (with google pack) and/or a-squared. These are all free.

geek_darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:35 am

Thanks guys i think i will just un-install norton and leave the rest.

geek_tammy30, Mar 8, 7:40 am

Tammy30 go to filehippo.com before you un-install nortons, and download a free one, I use AVG, Spybot, Ccleaner. you can get them all from filehippo

geek_swivel, Mar 8, 7:41 am

U may need this then to get rid of Nortons http://tinyurl.com/6oq8f

geek_flewy, Mar 8, 7:42 am

Watch how your computer speed improves..... after you uninstalled Norton. Good Luck.

geek_darrylwilliams, Mar 8, 7:46 am

Norton kills your PC My partner only last week removed Norton from her work PC, and installed NOD32 upon my advice - I use it at home. After giving her a program to delete extra Norton stuff, then a step-by-step instructions on deleting Norton Registry keys, she installed NOD32...and said the boot up speed was so much faster. Norton spreads itself into so many directories all over the place - just like a virus...

geek_jadzia, Mar 8, 7:29 pm