is there a good "free" software

millie11, Mar 30, 6:49am
that helps design posters? ? ? thanks

flewy, Mar 30, 6:59am
gimp, and use your creative mind.

kevin16, Mar 30, 7:01am
geeze flewy, didn't you know 'imagination' is an analogue concept that has now been replaced by software, . .

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:05am
do extrapolate for us

kevin16, Mar 30, 7:08am
thats something I prefer to do in private 0800, I'm sure you understand, . . lol

flewy, Mar 30, 7:08am
ha har :)

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:20am
flagellating organisms?

go on, look it up...

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:25am
it has nothing at all to do with krisiun v=h40F3MwDTOA

christopher53, Mar 30, 7:37am
Once again the idiots are at work! Why dont they just go away and leave us in peace

little_egypt, Mar 30, 7:38am
GIMP is completely the wrong tool for the job.

Try inkscape, scribus or openoffice draw.

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:38am

rua69, Mar 30, 7:41am
$ whatis fun
fun: nothing appropriate.

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:43am
37316997747195298tdn0_400. jpg

he may look all calm and relaxed sitting on that toadstool, but in [hisaltered] reality he's FREAKING OUT!

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:48am
hey! no smiling, and no laughing either, this is serious business, srsly.

project_gundam, Mar 30, 7:49am
yes open-source. Im sure you'll find one similar to ms publisher

rua69, Mar 30, 7:51am
I'm not at work, haven't been for a few hours.

little_egypt, Mar 30, 7:54am
12/internet-serious-business-cat. jpg

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:55am
i think someone just needs a great big hug

http://icanhascheezburger. files.
pictures-cat-hugs-teddy-bear-jealously. jpg

0800xford, Mar 30, 7:58am
serious cat is 'very' serious

ferita, Mar 30, 7:58am
Gimp or + www.sxc. hu = win

deodar, Mar 30, 8:17am
Google is yourfriend too.

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