What can I do? My printer is only printing blank

nzrys, Mar 30, 9:03am
pages. Its a cx3100 Epson.

swivel, Mar 30, 9:05am
get ink, or clean jets, or write something to print

blenheim-trader, Mar 30, 9:05am
check that's its not set to print grey scale only.

How much of your colour ink cartridge is remaining?

vvlkid, Mar 30, 9:06am
Either there is no ink, or if it hasnt been used for a while - the printing head could have blocked up.

jcmp21, Mar 30, 9:08am
Check you don't have an invisible ink cartridge loaded.

nzrys, Mar 30, 9:52am
I have tried both with the same result.

nzrys, Mar 30, 9:53am
Have plenty of ink cartridges and they work fine on the other printer but not this one.

nzrys, Mar 30, 9:55am
How do you unblock them? I have done the clean process on the software side.

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