acer lap top overheating??????????????-?????

1feral, Mar 31, 8:14am
our acer laptop keeps shutting down after about a hours use is there any way to check if the cooling fan is working corectly? it doesnt sound like it is running its getting verypainfull. any ideas? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

dunedin_ree, Mar 31, 8:16am
Clean it (to get rid of dust/dirt in the fans etc).

johnf_456, Mar 31, 8:25am
Its an acer, thats the majority of your problem right their. lol

1feral, Mar 31, 8:26am
dunedin_ree wrote:
Clean it (to get rid of dust/dirt in the fans etc)
i had thought of that so i un did all the screws on the back cover but the cover wouldnt budge is there a knack to it i didnt want to break it?

0800xford, Mar 31, 8:27am
what do the temps read?
you can use speedfan for some detailed info

does the thing -feel- hot?
is it under warranty?

johnf_456, Mar 31, 8:28am
Well if you dont know what your doing take it to a tech. No offense, but you will just break it even more.

0800xford, Mar 31, 8:31am
i've never had the 'pleasure' of attempting to dismantle an acer, but given their reputation [cheap rubbish] i'd hazard a guess they aren't really 'designed' to be 'worked on'...

1feral, Mar 31, 8:34am
speed fan? ? ? is that a web site or on windos? it sure does gets hot and it is still under warrenty i think? will speed fan tell if the fan is actualy working? ? ? ? ? ? ?

johnf_456, Mar 31, 8:35am
If its under warranty and its over heating simple take it back, if you try to open it. You will VOID your warranty.

1feral, Mar 31, 8:36am
so sorry that i brought (cheap rubbish) i not up with all the computer tech hence the question! !

0800xford, Mar 31, 8:38am
even if you somehow manage to diagnose the problem, what will you do about it?
what IS the problem?

overheating = take it back

ceejay13, Mar 31, 9:09am
I had overheating trouble with my Acer Desktop, had to have both the fans replaced in the end. mine didn't shut down but got damn hot and sounded terrible, my advice take it to an expert I did and it wasn't that costly. I would eventually like to replace my Acer with something better but for now I am stuck with it. Good Luck

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 31, 9:20am
No worse than anything else really. A lot of Acers are even nice enough to make a separate panel so you can remove the HSF without disassembling the whole laptop.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 31, 9:21am
Doubt it, laptops don't usually have warranty seals. Long as you put all the screws back where they came out its pretty hard to tell someone has had one apart.

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