Is my speed good?

ply-boy, Mar 7, 5:16am
Is my speed good? 13.5GB from 9am till 6PM?

flewy, Mar 7, 5:23am
Go speed racer , go speed racer, go!

gbs10, Mar 7, 5:37am
At lest my 4kb dialup teach's me patience. See what you are missing out.

sirfer, Mar 7, 5:41am
Well I'm getting 5000+kb/s on speednet and d/load speeds of 700+kB/s even though my connection is supposed to be a maximum of 2Mb/s or 427kB/s, but hey, I'm not complaining ;)

sirfer, Mar 7, 5:44am
And after getting the calculator out... i would be getting 22GB in 9 hours...if my data cap was that high :-

ply-boy, Mar 7, 5:46am
I was 800kB/s till lunch where it was 300-400kB/s

teroopu, Mar 7, 5:47am
#1... go ##$%^^ you and your #$@#$%#$% speed.

rz_zone, Mar 7, 5:52am
^^^^ ...

ply-boy, Mar 7, 6:09am

hatsuko, Mar 7, 6:32am
Soo... plyboy..... tell us...what was the 13GB file???

tessal, Mar 7, 6:38am
Miget pr0n unF

hvdb1, Mar 7, 8:07am
Speed my speed is 16.8 kbps is this slow on dailup ..... trade me is always 3 to 4 hours of real fun !!!

sirfer, Mar 7, 8:11am
LOL @#7 you tell 'em!

ply-boy, Mar 7, 10:05am
Lol hatsuko few movies few X360 games few TV shows you know the norm

smithjj, Mar 7, 12:07pm
This is mine....

lifesteala, Mar 7, 7:35pm
#4.. 2MB/s = 256KB/s not 427 :)

mwood, Mar 7, 9:20pm
Translate or comment this please - I dumb 2day download 1102 kb/s
upload 87 kb/s
ping 252ms


charles.j, Mar 7, 9:31pm
.... speedtest result of 4499 kbps

smithjj, Mar 8, 11:47am

fallen1, Mar 8, 7:25pm
Not bad ply but i can do better 10mb down zoom zoom

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