USB hub for Telecom 3G T Stick to work???

Hi, Telecom have suggested I use one of these, after months of internet speed only slightly faster than dial-up. Does anyone else use one? Does it speed it up significantly? What is the cost?

geek_caeli, Apr 1, 7:36 am

Is slightly faster than dialup around 128kbps?

I dont see how a hub will help.

How much signal do you get?
Are you located on stewart island or K road?
What does speedtest say?

geek_amieward, Apr 1, 10:50 am

The only way I can see a hub helping is if for some reason the location of the USB port on the PC is blocking your signal somewhat.

geek_vtecintegra, Apr 1, 10:53 am

I don't see a hub helping. I use my T Stick plugged directly into my laptop and I get great speeds.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 1, 12:02 pm

Thanks - apologise for delay in answering... VERY VERY slow internet! ! ! ! I've always got great speeds too... but since mid-Jan has totally slowed. Telecom/Chorus have been working on a new "box" less that 500m from my house during that time and I'm starting to think it's related to that? ? ? ?

My Tstick has great speeds in other places (using the same laptop) so it HAS to be coverage issues surely.

Is doing my head in...

geek_caeli, Apr 2, 11:45 am

Using, my stats are:

download 0. 13mbps
upload 0. 04 mbps
PING 2418

geek_caeli, Apr 2, 11:50 am

New cabinets are Whisper cabinets for adsl2+/vdsl2 and voice, nothing to do with XT cellphone network. Use a longer usb lead and relocate stick to find better reception area.

geek_spyware, Apr 2, 11:54 am

Get them to check the CT point which is the greylittle tube that usually is at the gate I have had some with faulty jointers before or if they get damp inside they can start growing mould on the copper cables

geek_gadgetmaninch, Apr 2, 12:17 pm

I've tried at various locations both inside and outside my house (is this what you mean? ) A longer usb lead? My stick plugs directly into my laptop...

Incidently... my mobile coverage for my phone is still excellent. . so do you why my Tstick wouldn't be?

geek_caeli, Apr 2, 3:02 pm

Thanks, I will do. Is the CT point linked to mobile coverage?

geek_caeli, Apr 2, 3:04 pm

I'm using a Vodem with a wireless router. (Vodem = T stick)

It lets me put the vodem in the best spot for cell connection, but lets me roam the house with my laptop.

geek_tintop, Apr 2, 8:22 pm