acer aspire 3680 problem

the problem is the dvd drive isn't in the system anymore is showing in bios but notin the system when you put a dvd or cd in it picks up and spins lights come on but the computer doesn't seam to see it .
it is on vista and has been dropped wasn't seeing the hard drive have fixed that now won't see dvd rom was before when the hard drive wasn't showing .
question is it hardware or soft ware

geek_datracer, Apr 1, 2:44 pm

could be either... ... . have you recently installed or updated itunes by any chance ?

otherwise try this:

for_missing_cd_or_dvd_d. msi? tsid=20100331-223638-537344ef

geek_drcspy, Apr 1, 3:37 pm

im having a problem with my acer inspire mine is a 5720 and its with my webcam it always turns off on msn

geek_wgtnhurricanes, Apr 1, 3:45 pm

acer =:-(

geek_drcspy, Apr 1, 4:08 pm

yea it goes on and its showing up on my screen but doesnt come up on the other persons

geek_wgtnhurricanes, Apr 1, 4:12 pm

fark they need to check THEIR settings... ... .

geek_drcspy, Apr 1, 4:13 pm

are you talking about us who posted or acer?

geek_wgtnhurricanes, Apr 1, 4:24 pm

your recipient needs to check thier settings

geek_drcspy, Apr 1, 4:26 pm

sorry if i sounded offensive to you drcspy, ive had a look at the device manager for my webcam and it says its working fine lol

geek_wgtnhurricanes, Apr 1, 4:50 pm

offensive ? ... . . not me ... ... . .

have you tried this cam wiht more than one person ?

geek_drcspy, Apr 1, 4:51 pm

yes i have

geek_wgtnhurricanes, Apr 1, 5:03 pm

do you have a 'third party' software firewall such as zonealarm or similar ?

have you tried the cam wiht a different chat program ?

geek_drcspy, Apr 1, 5:05 pm

i have microsoft security essentials, and avast anti virus um couldnt download yahoo properly as im using wireless at the library

geek_wgtnhurricanes, Apr 1, 5:17 pm

no I don't think it has I tunes It belongs to a friend and she was told it would never go again I reflowed the solder on the sata conector and that started to work again , never touched anything on the rom conector and it stopped working the rom start and the light goes so power is getting through but won't pick up the cd or dvd's there is a bit of plastic missing around the connector thinking maybe it's the problem

geek_datracer, Apr 1, 7:00 pm