I was tranferring some photos off a xd card

I was tranferring some photos off a xd card from my pc's built in card reader and windows crashed, took it out now my computer nor camera will read it. Anyone know what I should do?

geek_jamie83, Mar 8, 11:25 am

Http://tinyurl.com/ywwm2u Try this, not sure if it will work.

geek_rz_zone, Mar 8, 11:35 am

.... ooops. silly computer. now i lost the page i was suppose to post. brb.

geek_rz_zone, Mar 8, 11:38 am

Http://tinyurl.com/2chkv5 try this one here. :)

geek_rz_zone, Mar 8, 11:39 am

Thanks heaps for your help but the program could still not read the memory card in order to recover the photos. When I put it in my camera is says card not initialized and the pc won't recognize it at all

geek_jamie83, Mar 8, 11:59 am

Fark that ! $70 ??? .......lmfao.......NO NO NO use this instead it's free, designed for that exact job and will work very well: http://www.z-a-recovery.com/demo-ir.htm

geek_drcspy, Mar 8, 12:01 pm

Thanks drcspy running it now, will see how it goes, will the card return to working normally afterwards?

geek_jamie83, Mar 8, 12:08 pm

Once you have run it go into 'my computer' and right clik on the card then clik 'format' that *might* cure it......

geek_drcspy, Mar 8, 12:18 pm

So 6 after you have your pics off of it ,do not format before

geek_shrapz, Mar 8, 6:51 pm