wondering what my adapter would be called.. (5.1)

blacklisted2, Apr 4, 1:02am
I need to somehow get 2xRCA(from digital amp) to 3x3. 5mm jacks (front in, rear in, woofer in) for my onboard sound. does anyone know where I could source something like this?


vtecintegra, Apr 4, 1:13am
Are you going from the PC to amp or the amp to PC?

Either was you can't get six channels (5. 1) from 2x RCA jacks. You need to use the 5. 1 inputs/outputs on your amp which will be 6xRCA sockets and use three of these type cables: 281526839

blacklisted2, Apr 4, 1:29am
Pic of amp connections here: http://i41. tinypic.com/5objgo. png (there are another 2 speakers to the right of that photo)

pc to amp (2xrca are connected to 'audio in' on digital amp - going to 3. 5mm jack on pc)

I have 1 of those connections at the moment. but on the amp (see photo) I only have 2x (L, R) for Video 1, not 6. (I think). Could you take a look please,

vtecintegra, Apr 4, 1:31am
You can't do any more than two channels in that case.

What is that single black RCA in the bottom center (can't read the label)

blacklisted2, Apr 4, 1:54am
subwoofer out

blacklisted2, Apr 4, 6:52am
apparently with my gfx card (hd4850) the dvi connection is capable of carrying audio with a dvi>hdmi adapter and HDMI cable, (currently have dvi cable with hdmi>dvi adapter), this would then bring sound to my tv, would I be able to go from the tv AV out into the digital amp and then hear 5. 1 sound?

missyone, Apr 4, 7:01am
http://tinyurl.com/yh2y5lo something like this? ? ?

blacklisted2, Apr 4, 7:06am
Thanks for the input missyone but that's not quite what i'm looking for - as I have the speakers plugged into the 5. 1 digital amp through special plugs - then that into my pc with a 2xRCA to 3. 5mm jack, however if i had one of logitech's surround systems it wouldve been perfect.


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