SSL Certificates for free.

badcam, Apr 4, 2:11am
I found this article and it had me wondering about what possible use something like this would be for the likes of me:

Any creative ideas. Why would I want to use an SSL cert? Could I use it in conjunction with OpenID for instance (set up on my own server)?

deodar, Apr 4, 2:50am
You could 'race your trolley through the carpark'.

badcam, Apr 4, 3:09am
I'm avoiding carparks right now. I nearly got beaten up by a Granny the other day, for not parking exactly between the lines. I was at the end of a line of cars and so had parked my car a little further away from the beaten up trash can next to mine. Good practice considering there are so many people up here that seem to think smashing their doors into the sides of other peoples cars is a good idea. She had a hissy fit because I was about 20cm over the line. If I hadn't pushed her walker down the hill and her after it, she would've keyed my car.

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