Acer aspire one D150 problem (obviously) LOL

winmitch, Apr 4, 4:49am
total un tech person here. my wee netbook seems to have an issue
it starts up like it should makes all the whirrs n chirps etc then no screen
does anyone on here have a suggestion before i take it into the shop sounding like a total tech deadbrain LOL
Thanks in advance

0800xford, Apr 4, 5:00am
is it under warranty?


winmitch, Apr 4, 5:02am
not sure i cant find receipt for it but dont think its over a year old yet

drcspy, Apr 4, 5:29am
plug in a different screen to see what happens... ... ... plug in the screen BEFORE you start it up... .

skin1235, Apr 4, 8:15pm
and check the screen is set to full bright and high contrast(fun +f4? ), and that the slide control for the screen has not been shifted to full dark

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